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4/24 (Wednesday) Gamba Osaka match Request for cooperation in displaying special posters

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4/24 (Wednesday) Gamba Osaka match Request for cooperation in displaying special posters

4/24 (Wednesday) We are looking for people to display a special poster for the Gamba Osaka game in a prominent place, such as in a shop they frequent, their place of work, or in front of their home!

If you would like to help, please fill out the form below and pick it up at the distribution location.

Let’s paint our hometown in the red color of FC Ryukyu!

■Distribution location

Address: FC Ryukyu Naha Office (Okinawa Prefectural Athletic Association Sports Hall 509, 51-2 Okuyamacho, Naha City, Okinawa Prefecture)

Time: Monday to Friday / around 10:00 to 19:00

*However, please note that we may not be able to receive distribution on days when our staff is not present at the office, such as on the day of a club function or event.

■Distribution application form

・Please fill out the form below and come to the poster distribution location to pick it up.

*We do not accept applications for pasting it on your home.

*Please bring your own bag to put your poster in.

*Please note that the distribution activity will end as soon as the specified number of tickets is reached.

■About the special poster

We have created four types of special posters for the 2024 YBC Levain Cup second round match against Gamba Osaka, which will be held on Wednesday, April 24th.

Click here for the secret story behind this poster production.

①#Blue-black ship attack

The first official game for the J1 team to be held in Okinawa. Let’s witness the heroic performance of FC Ryukyu as they absorb the unknown impact and bounce back!

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②#Dear Gamba Osaka

I have acknowledged the letter from Fujiharu to everyone at his former team, Gamba Osaka. Please come to Okinawa to watch this match!

③#Hiyagon’s miracle

Let’s witness this miraculous victory etched in Japanese soccer history!

④ #Ganbadayo citizens gathering

Gamba Osaka is coming to Okinawa! It would be a shame if we all watched it together. Let’s dye the tapistas red color!

■April 24th (Wednesday) Gamba Osaka home game information

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