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42 army members of the Special Forces RS in Isone fell ill with norovirus

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Defense group

Bern, February 28, 2024 – 42 members of the army at the special forces recruit school in Isone are sick with norovirus. They have been isolated to prevent further spread and are receiving medical care.

The affected recruits suffer from gastrointestinal problems. They have been separated from the rest of the force and are being cared for by medical professionals. Symptoms of norovirus illness include vomiting, fever and diarrhea. The illness usually lasts up to 72 hours and goes away on its own.

Noroviruses cause gastrointestinal infections. The virus is transmitted relatively easily from person to person; there is no vaccination. This is why outbreaks continue to occur in community facilities such as barracks, homes and hospitals. Norovirus infections are most commonly observed in the winter months (November to March).

Address for inquiries

Stefan Hofer
+41 58 463 37 41


Defense group

General Secretariat VBS

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