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A Daily Dose of ABC Chinese “Headlines” – Tuesday, November 28th

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In the ABC Chinese “Headlines” on November 28th, several important news items were shared with readers. Firstly, the warning from Cheng Lei, an Australian journalist who was detained in China for over three years, reminding Australians to be cautious about China’s national security laws when traveling to the country.

Cheng Lei made these comments during her participation in the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) “Question and Answer” program. She emphasized the need for Australians to be fully aware of the risks associated with China’s national security laws if they were to travel to the country. Cheng Lei, who worked as a television reporter for China’s state-run media China Global Television Network (CGTN), was detained in August 2020 for alleged espionage. However, she emphasized that she has not ruled out the possibility of returning to China in the future, despite being banned from applying for a Chinese visa for the next 10 years.

In addition, the Australian government announced plans to crack down on e-cigarettes, with bans on the import of disposable e-cigarettes starting from January 1 next year. With the growing use of e-cigarettes among teenagers, the government aims to address the major public health issues associated with vaping. The new regulations also include a ban on the import of refillable, reusable, non-therapeutic e-cigarettes and stricter controls on the import and sale of e-cigarettes.

Finally, a World Health Organization (WHO) official commented on China’s recent surge in respiratory illnesses, stating that the levels of cases are not as severe as those before COVID-19. The official clarified that there were no new or unusual pathogens identified in the recent cases, and the increase in illnesses is expected after the end of China’s previous strict clearance policy.

These news items provided readers with important updates on national security risks, public health issues, and global health concerns. The ABC Chinese “Headlines” continues to deliver informative content to its audience, ensuring they are equipped with the latest information for their day ahead.

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