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About watching ACL2023/24 Quarterfinals 1st match vs Shandong Taishan | News

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About watching ACL2023/24 Quarterfinals 1st match vs Shandong Taishan | News

We would like to inform you about watching the AFC Champions League 2023/24 Quarterfinal Round 1 match against Shandong Taishan (Jinan Olympic Sports Center) scheduled to be held on Wednesday, March 6th at 18:00 (local time).

If you are planning to watch this match, please check the information below and fill out the viewing application form by 15:00 on Thursday, February 29th.
We ask for the understanding and cooperation of all fans and supporters in order to ensure a safe match operation.

Away match against Shandong Taishan Application form

About spectator tickets

Tickets for this game in the visitor team area will not be sold to the general public.
The club will collect people who wish to watch the game in advance and secure the necessary number of tickets.

Viewing area

*The visitor team area is a support area for Yokohama F. Marinos fans and supporters.
*You may not attend the game while wearing Shandong Taizan supporters, uniforms, goods, etc.

ticket price

150 RMB

Payment and delivery method

Yokohama F. Marinos staff will collect the fee when you board the charter bus before entering the stadium.
Tickets will be given to those who have paid.
*Payment must be made in cash (local currency only, Japanese yen not accepted).
*Receipts cannot be issued.
*We do not provide change.

About stadium admission

To ensure the safety of all visitors, charter buses will be used to enter and exit the venue all at once, in accordance with arrangements with Chinese public security authorities.
We will depart from and arrive at the locations below, so please arrive by the designated meeting time on the day of the match.
On the day of the event, please follow the instructions of the Yokohama F. Marinos staff at the meeting point to ensure safe riding.
Baggage inspection will be conducted by Chinese public security authorities at the bus departure and arrival locations.

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Charter bus departure and arrival location

Holiday Inn Express Jinan High-Tech Zone

*There will be no departures or arrivals at Jinan Airport Zone this time.

Meeting time and departure time

Meeting time: 4 hours before kickoff Departure time: Depart after baggage inspection by Chinese public security.

Confirmed information such as meeting time and departure time will be sent via email from “[email protected]” to the email address you provided on the viewing application form.

Spectator rules/manners

A security check will be conducted upon entering the stadium. Prohibited items cannot be brought into the venue.
Gates are scheduled to open 3 hours before kickoff. Re-entry not allowed.

List of prohibited items

  • Firearms, bowguns, knives, model guns, fireworks, firecrackers, smoke bombs, lighters, gasoline, alcohol, and other flammable hazardous materials
  • Hazardous chemicals that are toxic, corrosive, or radioactive
  • Drugs such as heroin, cocaine, and cannabis
  • Fragile items and various containers: glass containers, bottles, cans, bottles, cooler boxes, etc.
  • Beverages and food
  • Flags, banners, barrage, etc. that contain political, racial, religious, offensive, or discriminatory content
  • Vehicles other than strollers and wheelchairs (electric bicycles, small bikes, bicycles, scooters)
  • Animals other than guide dogs
  • Musical instruments without prior permission (whistle, horn, trumpets, drums, etc.)
  • Items that can cause harm to people (bats, rackets, long rods, sharp objects)
  • Flying objects such as kites and drones
  • Baggage that is too large to carry onto the seat (carry bag, cooler box, etc.)
  • Flags or poles larger than 2m x 1m without prior permission
  • Camera equipment and peripherals
  • Radio equipment, laser equipment including laser pens, walkie-talkies, and loudspeakers that may interfere with the progress of the match.
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*For banners and flags, the club must apply in advance to Shandong Taishan and the Chinese public security authorities, and only limited quantities of approved items can be brought in. Advance applications from individuals are not accepted. We recommend that you do not bring any special items into the stadium as they may be confiscated during baggage inspection.
*In addition, the organizer (AFC) and supervisors (home team Shandong Taishan and the Chinese Football Association) have determined that there are any actions that are generally prohibited in official J.League matches, or that may cause trouble or harm to others. Actions that are determined by are prohibited.


There is a kiosk where you can purchase drinks and snacks in the viewing area concourse (credit cards cannot be used).
No smoking inside the stadium.

*Additions and corrections to the content will be announced on this website from time to time.
*Each individual will be responsible for making arrangements for visas required to enter the country, hotels for local stay, air tickets, etc.
*It is prohibited to display flags, banners, etc. that contain political, ethnic, or religious slogans, insulting or discriminatory content, or any similar acts inside or outside the stadium.
* Matters decided by the day of the match may change at the last minute due to local conditions in China.

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