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After shaving her hair, Fabiana Justus receives visits from Roberto Justus and Sacha Chryzman in the hospital

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After shaving her hair, Fabiana Justus receives visits from Roberto Justus and Sacha Chryzman in the hospital

After being diagnosed with leukemia, Fabiana Justus remains in the hospital for treatment of the disease and always uses social media to update her followers. On the night of last Friday, the 9th, Roberto Justus’ daughter published a photo with her hair shaved and wrote an emotional text about the decision to use a clipper on her hair.

And the day came… we knew it would come. But he didn’t know when or how it would happen. I knew that I didn’t want to see flaws in my hair, that when it was falling out A LOT, I would prefer to shave it off. Yesterday I found myself walking around with hair, hair falling everywhere, so I said: it’s tomorrow! I felt in my heart that it was time. I think that the anticipation of this moment causes great anguish, and resolving this issue, as the good practical Virgo that I am, gave me peace. Of course it gave me butterflies. It’s a moment that, whether I like it or not, the penny drops even more about everything I’m going through. But at the same time, it’s something so small compared to the whole. It is a process that is part of my HEALING. Gone are the hair strands and anything bad along with them. May only wonderful things remain. As soon as I tried to face it. My husband shaved it, it was a beautiful moment. He gave me A LOT of strength. I’ll share it with you later, she declared.

In the following publication, the celebrity shared a video of her husband shaving his hair. In the recording, Bruno Levi D’Ancona says beautiful words to his wife:

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– Bad cells leave your body. New hair will come with completely renewed health, with good things, with new energy, with a new moment, with a new person, much better, more evolved, with a better vision of everything. This hair will come with hope, with renewal, only good things. Today is another stage, it means that more time has passed, we have overcome more things. And for us to get to the other side, we need to go through this. There’s no way to avoid this. The day has come, we will pass, there is more to come and we will continue on this good path.

Sacha Chryzman also made a point of supporting Fabiana at this time. When showing a click next to her daughter, she wrote a text declaring herself and praising the influencer’s strength.

Fabi my beloved daughter, you are inspiration, you are beauty in its most intense and natural form, you are strength and determination, you are light! So beautiful that your hair doesn’t make any difference, you shine wherever you go! Your infinite strength makes you achieve everything you want, and with God by your side, and this powerful current of good and love from all of us for you, healing is guaranteed! I love you infinitely and unconditionally!

Still receiving a shower of love and affection from her family, Fabiana received a visit from Roberto de Justus at the hospital. On social media, the businessman said:

How good it is to be with her! How much strength and determination she is showing! And how beautiful is she? The love I have for you is greater than any difficulty! We are together towards her total healing, my love.

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