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Amaranto: what does the name of the second baby that Camilo and Evaluna are expecting mean?

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Amaranto: what does the name of the second baby that Camilo and Evaluna are expecting mean?

Camilo and Evaluna revealed that they will be parents for the second time – credit @Camilo/IG

Camilo Echeverri and Evaluna Montaner shook the entertainment world by confirming the news that they were expecting a little brother for Índigo. The couple, who had their millions of followers in suspense, officially confirmed the information in which they also gave the name their son will bear.

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Amaranth, that will be the name that the baby bears and that caught the attention of his followers, who immediately began to investigate its meaning. The couple aroused tenderness among their followers, due to the way they decided to deliver the news, which is not far from the song they composed for their first-born daughter.

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With a poem, in which they related how they had dreamed of their second child and what name they could give him, the revelation of their pregnancy arose: “On a flight from Madrid to Miami we began to imagine you with a name and a couple of weeks later we knew that it was already you were accompanying us. How excited we are to meet you. Your older sister already wants to take care of you. Amaranto, we feel honored to be your parents. Thank you God for the privilege of being your home.”

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The Colombian singer and his wife Evaluna revealed the name of their second child – credit camilo/Instagram

According to the Mi Sabueso portal, the name of Camilo and Evaluna’s second son is the masculine name of Amaranta, which comes from a flower that bears the same name.

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It also comes from the Greek word “amaratòs”, which means “unfading”, which would lead one to think that it is a flower that lasts a long time or withers much more slowly than other species. In this way we can interpret the name as “he who does not decline.” It is worth mentioning the writer Amaranth of Alexandria, a contemporary of Galen.

Flor de Amaranto, the name that Camilo and Evaluna would have been inspired by for their second child – credit Pinterest

Others compare the name with the two characters in Gabriel García Márquez’s novel, One Hundred Years of Solitude, which is why they also think that the singer and his partner wanted to pay a certain type of tribute to Colombian literature. According to Argentina’s Clarín, in Europe they faithfully believe that this plant is synonymous with immortality, since in the past the magicians attributed great properties to those who wore crowns forged with its flower.

According to the Mi Sabueso portal, the personality of those born with this name can be rough, strong and tough, but they are also described as a shy, reserved and calm person. Serenity and tranquility are your best allies, so you will excel in tasks that require you to work under pressure.

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“Evaluna fertile, mother never ready. Walker discovered on the march. Calm’s new daughter and fan’s murderer. She is the owner of all Sundays and the caller of showers and downpours. […] Bathtub taster and volcanic diver. Accidental baker. Excellent for intentional lack of skill. Spring through. Calendar violator. Anticipator of Christmas and mother of Amaranth and Indigo,” the poem says.

While the instrumental music is playing on the guitar, Camilo’s voice is heard reciting the poem. Little by little, the winner of the XS Factor and Evaluna appear, creating “the refuge” of Amaranto and Indigo.

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