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AMD Expands Telco Ecosystem. Advances in 5G and 6G, vRAN and OpenRAN

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AMD Expands Telco Ecosystem.  Advances in 5G and 6G, vRAN and OpenRAN

The move to open and virtual networks in 5G Radio Access Network (RAN) continues to gain importance among communications service providers (CSPs).

The advantages are many, including the possibility of easily creating, customizing and managing the network based on different needs. vRAN and OpenRAN-based systems open up cloud-native technology and greater supplier flexibility than traditional RANs. It is therefore no wonder that a growing number of companies, including AMD, are offering solutions to support 5G networks.

On the occasion of the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, ​​AMD focuses on the future of telecommunications and puts on numerous demonstrations

On the occasion of the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona – taking place from 26 to 28 February – AMD is focusing on the future of telecommunications and will be fielding numerous demonstrations, including 5G Advanced and 6G with AI. At its stand (pavilion 2, 2M61) there are also some partners from the software and solution stack ecosystem who will illustrate their solutions.

Leadership in vRAN together with Samsung

AMD and Samsung continue their collaboration in the telecommunications industry, this time working together on virtualized RAN solutions driven by AMD EPYC™ processors, as demonstrated by the recent end-to-end phone call that leveraged AMD EPYC CPUs to power Samsung’s Open RAN technology Samsung.

Expand open RAN adoption

Parallel Wireless, a leading telecommunications company, recently announced that its GreenRAN™ software platform is now completely CPU agnostic. In the same press release, the company revealed a collaboration with AMD to deploy AMD EPYC 8004 Series processors to revolutionize its Open RAN solutions, showcasing Parallel Wireless’ unique cross-platform capabilities coupled with unrivaled performance per watt from AMD. The latter has a long history of enabling open, standards-based solutions and will continue to support, together with key ecosystem partners, the adoption of Open RAN standards for a more diverse telco environment.

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New perspectives for 5G telecommunications and computing innovation

Fourth-generation AMD EPYC processors are used by Ericsson and Telstra to deliver power efficiency and the modernization of innovative 5G core functions. Powering Ericsson’s Cloud Native Infrastructure Solution (CNIS), combined with the company’s Packet Core Gateway and Packet Core Controller solutions, AMD EPYC CPUs reduced power consumption by up to 49%as also claimed by Ericsson itself.

Napatech and A5G announced a high-performance, energy-efficient edge computing platform for 5G networks. The A5G-Napatech platform is powered by CPU AMD EPYC serie 8004, designed to meet the throughput and energy efficiency needs of modern telco edge deployments. Additionally, Napatech’s SmartNIC, based on an AMD Virtex™ UltraScale+™ VU9P FPGA, offloads data traffic from the AMD EPYC CPU and enables the A5G packet core to deliver maximum power efficiency and excellent cost-performance ratio for edge computing applications. Additionally, A5G Networks announced 1.5 Tbps throughput for the 5G UPF core leveraging 4th Generation AMD EPYC CPUs. This achievement ensures unrivaled performance at a time of growing demand for bandwidth on 5G networks.

Dell Technologies recently introduced support for AMD EPYC 9654P and EPYC 9754 CPUs in PowerEdge R7615, which will be NEBS Level 3 certified for deployments in demanding telco environments. According to Dell, the PowerEdge R7615 simplifies the introduction of core services to the cloud, providing the market’s densest telco cloud core solution with a single AMD EPYC CPU per server.

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