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an “obsessive” modus operandi according to the story of his accusers

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an “obsessive” modus operandi according to the story of his accusers

Implicated by around sixty women to date, the PAF’s best-known psychoanalyst is said to have implemented a particular modus operandi to attract his prey.

For a month, complaints have been piling up against Gérard Miller. Several women accuse the famous psychoanalyst of rape or sexual assault. In total, there are now 67 of them who have recounted their traumatic experiences to the magazine Elleqwho reveals new testimonies this Thursday, February 29. Five reported rape, twenty-two reported sexual assault. When others talk about “aborted hypnosis sessions”, “insistent approaches” and “harassment”. But above all, over the course of these stories, a well-crafted operating procedure becomes clear. That of a predator in “an almost obsessive quest for very young women”.


“Minors and vulnerable”

Gérard Miller would thus have maintained relationships with high school girls aged under 18, “on whom he would have imposed sexual relations in groups of 3 or 4, with other minors”, we read in the investigation of the Elle, signed Alice Augustin and Cécile Ollivier. New revelations which would be supported by material evidence: photos, diaries, SMS or postcards.

Indeed, the PAF’s best-known psychoanalyst had a typical “prey” profile. He would, in fact, have targeted “young, minor and vulnerable girls”. If the complainants do not all denounce rape or sexual assault, some describe the relationships of control or submission, which Gérard Miller ended up establishing. A relationship of domination which would have led them to finally accept sexual relations. “Which is similar to minor corruption,” specifies the Elle.

Home cinema and hypnosis session

Gérard Miller spotted these “targets” in the audience of his TV shows (“We tried everything” on France2) or radio (“On va s’gêner”, broadcast on Europe1), but also at Paris 8 University, where he is professor emeritus; he taught and directed the psychoanalysis department there for around ten years. After making initial contact, he would give them his number, invite them to share a pancake or attend a show, and even take them to visit the backstage of TV sets (like “Vivement Dimanche”). Clearly, he pulled out all the stops to lure these young girls, barely out of adolescence, often living in the Province and curious to discover the capital. Then the trap closed on them. Gérard Miller offered them a second meeting, this time at his home. There, he suggested they try hypnosis sessions, and conducted some of them in his home cinema, in the basement of his house.

There, he served me something to drink, on the sofa. (…) Afterwards… it’s a total black hole

Audrey, in “Elle” magazine

“I was a little uncomfortable,” recalls one of his accusers, Audrey (she was 17 at the time of the incident), in the columns of Elle. “There, he served me something to drink, on the sofa. Then he put his arm around my shoulder, and I backed away. Afterwards… it’s a total black hole. Later, I woke up in a bedroom upstairs. I was in bed, he came next to me. That’s where it all began. I kept thinking, “When can I say stop?” He pulled down my pants to look at my tailbone. I had fallen in the afternoon and was in pain. Then he slipped under the sheets.”

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For Zoé, also 17 years old when she met Gérard Miller (he was 52 at the time), the procedure was similar. She too was invited to the psychoanalyst. And like Audrey, she does not escape the “screening room” box. “He asks me to sit on the sofa. There, he suddenly becomes very enterprising. I am very nervous. He wants to kiss me even though he knows I like girls. I have never slept with anyone, I tell him that I don’t want to,” says the woman who says she then had unprotected sex with the fifty-year-old. “It’s so easy to subjugate a teenager, there is no need for violence…” she analyzes, twenty-four years after the facts she denounces. Zoé, Audrey, and many others… For several weeks, the testimonies have been pouring in. Gérard Miller and his lawyer have not yet reacted to these new revelations.

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