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Ana Nikolić on love and divorce from Rasta | Fun

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Ana Nikolić on love and divorce from Rasta |  Fun

Ana Nikolić and Rasta had a great love that ended in one moment, and the singer asked for a divorce when she loved him the most.

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Ana Nikolić stated in the show “Magazin In” that she filed papers for divorce from her ex-husband Stefan Đurić Rasta, with whom she has a daughter, Tara. she asked when she loved him the most. When host Sanja Marinković stated that she was able to do it with so much love, Ana revealed that she suffered a lot. The “masculine” way, as she said.

They were considered a great couple, and the singer admitted that they were a great couple, like indigo. She also revealed that she is now single, but that she still believes in love and would like to have a man by her side.

“All life partners are chosen from the shadows. It depends on whose figure was more dominant, mother or father. I am free and single, but that is not a condition for my happiness. I am fulfilled as a mother. I’m never alone because I have a child, but if I lack a partner as a partner, yes. I am a person who prefers nothing to nothing. I’m naive, not stupid, but I want to believe when he tells me he loves me“, Ana said in the show, then revealed why she still decided to divorce Rasta, even though the love was great.

“We are more like twins, more than my own brother. The love has not been spent, two of the same character and temperament, where no one will pull the hand, two narcissists, abusers, difficult. I’m sorry too, but that’s just the way it is. All of that was possible, we threw things at each other, but when the child came, I no longer had the luxury of having to live like that. The love for Tara was a tiny bit greater, I chose the lesser of two evilsNikolić said, and the presenter asked her if this meant that he was not ready for parenthood.

“It doesn’t mean. He was young. I filed the divorce papers when I loved him the most. The most difficult, but the most correct decision“, she admitted honestly in the show “Magazin In”.

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