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Another massacre at work: five workers died in Casteldaccia. “Killed by fumes, they didn’t have masks” – News

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Another massacre at work: five workers died in Casteldaccia.  “Killed by fumes, they didn’t have masks” – News

There are five workers died in an accident at work in Casteldacciain the Palermo area: the workers were engaged in the sewerage system and died from the hydrogen sulphide fumes. A sixth worker is in very serious condition, transported to the Policlinico hospital in Palermo.

The workers are died one after the other, lowering themselves into a manhole of the sewage system. After the first worker remained underground without coming out, the others lowered themselves to understand what was happening. The seventh member of the team, not seeing his colleagues come out, raised the alarm. Four victims are workers at Quadrifoglio in Partinico, among them the owner of the company would also be included; the fifth is a temporary worker from Amap.

“The workers were working on cleaning the drains of the sewer system because we had received a report and a request for intervention”, says the president of Amap Alessandro Di Martino. According to what the rescuers ascertained none of the victims wore a protective mask. “It’s absurd – adds Di Martino – The smell was such that it’s not understandable why they didn’t protect themselves”.

Video Mattarella: ‘Every death at work is unacceptable’

For further information ANSA Agency The third workplace massacre of 2024 in Casteldaccia – News – Ansa.it Five dead, after the 7 in Suviana and the 5 at Esselunga in Florence (ANSA)

Who are the victims of the massacre, 4 survivors, one is serious

These are the names of the five victims of the massacre: Epifanio Alsace71 years old, co-owner of the Quadrifoglio company; Giuseppe Miraglia 47 years old, Roberto Raneriaged 51, Ignazio Giordanoaged 57 and Giuseppe La Barbera.

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I am four workers survived. A worker from the Quadrifoglio group company is hospitalized in intensive care at the Palermo Polyclinic: Domenico Viola, 62 years old, from Partinico. His condition would be serious. The other three are Giovanni D’Aleo, Giuseppe Scavuzzo39 years old and Paolo Sciortino, 35 years. The first was taken to the emergency room of the Policlinico hospital, the other two to the emergency room of Termini Imerese. Their conditions do not cause concern.

The director of works and the safety manager were questioned

The works director and the safety manager, indicated by Amap, the contracting authority for the works in Casteldaccia, were questioned by the police investigating the massacre on the orders of the Termini Imerese Prosecutor’s Office which opened an investigation.

“If all the necessary precautions had been taken, all of this would not have happened.” The provincial commander of the Palermo fire brigade Girolamo Bentivoglio Fiandra said this regarding the accident. Bentivoglio confirmed that the victims were killed hydrogen sulphide fumes and ruled out that there was a collapse inside the sewers.

“In the tank the concentration of hydrogen sulphide, a gas that forms from the fermentation of sewage, was 10 times higher than the maximum limits”, added Bentivoglio who explained that the alarm, given at 1.48pm to the single emergency number, was It was reported to 118 and then to the firefighters who in a quarter of an hour sent four teams to the scene, one of which was volunteers. “Our staff intervened immediately – explained the commander – and first recovered the victims who were in the tank and then the three who were lying on the slab”.

“From our checks carried out at bilateral bodies, some of the workers who were victims of this terrible tragedy were under classified with respect to the tasks that they were carrying out on construction sites”. This was said by the provincial secretaries of Palermo di Fillea, Filca, Feneal, Piero Ceraulo, Francesco Danese and Pasquale De Vardo. “This means what we have been denouncing for years regarding the correct classification of construction workers on construction sites of the province. And we have also never had any trace that these same workers have carried out training activities in the bilateral system in the last year”, they conclude.

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CGIL: ‘Builders’ strike will last 8 hours tomorrow in Palermo’

Tomorrow a 4-hour and 8-hour general strike by builders in the province of Palermo. This was announced by Piero Ceraulo, secretary of the construction workers of the CGIL of Palermo who together with other union leaders is in Casteldaccia where 5 workers died. A demonstration is planned in front of the Prefecture at 9am.

The 4-hour general strike, at the beginning of the shift, was proclaimed by the provincial secretariats of CGIL, CISL and UIL, and by the chemical, water and energy sector acronyms Filctem Cgil, Femca Cisl and Uiltec Uil.

Mattarella: “Yet another unacceptable massacre”

The President of the Republic Sergio Mattarella, visiting New York, expressed his condolences for the serious tragedy. “I hope that full light will be shed on the dynamics of the accident. But yet another unacceptable massacre at work – just a few days before May 1st – must forcefully reiterate the need for a common commitment which must concern social forces, entrepreneurs and relevant institutions”.

Meloni: ‘Let there be full light’

“The news of the workers involved in the tragic accident that occurred in Casteldaccia, in the Palermo area, is shocking. My deep condolences to the families of the victims, together with the feeling of closeness towards the worker who is currently in the intensive care unit at the Polyclinic hospital of Palermo. Let shed full light on this tragedy”. The Prime Minister says so Giorgia Meloni his X.

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