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Ask questions about the Birkebeinerrennet – NRK Sport – Sports news, results and broadcast schedule

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Ask questions about the Birkebeinerrennet – NRK Sport – Sports news, results and broadcast schedule

Andreas Nygaard secured a genuine Birken hat trick, when he took the win after a sprint finish against Johan Hoel, who finished in second place.

– The sand is starting to run out of the hourglass, so I have to take the chances I get. I’m incredibly happy to be first, says Nygaard to NRK after the race.

On Sunday, he was part of a group of six men who left the rest of the field. Towards the end, only two of them were fighting to win, and in glorious weather, Nygaard won in a time of

The 33-year-old from Team Ragde Charge also made history in the context of Ski Classics: He took his 19th victory in the prestigious long-distance series, and now has the most victories in the series.

WINNER: Magni Smedås could grin after winning Birken for the first time.

Photo: Helge Tvedten / NRK

In the women’s class, Magni Smedås was the strongest. She reached the finish line alone and won Birken for the first time in 2.47.09. For a while, Emilie Fleten looked like she could make history with seven Ski Classics victories in one season, but she had to drop out in the final phase.

– It means so much. Birken is one of the biggest goals for me, it’s my home track and it’s in Norway and there’s such a magical atmosphere along the track. So many famous people along the course and my mother standing here to welcome me at the finish line, says Smedås to NRK after the victory.

Last year Smedås was number three, this year she went all the way to the top.

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The goal missed for Gukild

NRK profiles Emil Gukild and Silje Nordnes, who together with Anders Aukland are behind the podcast Skiklubben, go today’s Birken. The latter has won the Birken four times previously.

The duo has just had the Birkebeinerrennet as the big highlight of the season.

Gukild had set himself a goal of coming in under 3:30, and looked like he could do it. Unfortunately, it didn’t quite hold up for the NRK profile, which ended up with a time of 3:43:31, 13 minutes and 31 seconds above the target.

– It was disappointing, but I gave everything I had. Someone threw a gel in the track just before Kvarstad which caused me to go on the nose, so I lost maybe half a minute there. Apart from that, I have been lying in the red zone and feeding myself, says Gukild to NRK.

COMPLETED: Emil Gukild crossed the finish line with a time of 3:43:31.

Photo: Helge Tvedten / NRK

Another famous face who went Birken was Petter Northug.

He made a big impression earlier this year when he came in for a sensational second place in the Norwegian Cup in cross-country skiing. On Sunday, he came in 36th place in Birken with a time of 2:34:02, behind veteran Tord Asle Gjerdalen.

READY: Petter Northug is ready with his bag before the start.

Photo: Helge Tvedten / NRK

For the first time, the Birkebeiner race was postponed from Saturday to Sunday due to inclement weather.

“Are the runners more squeamish now?”

During the race, you could ask questions to NRK.

Øystein asks:

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– Previously, the bag was 5 kg. Presumably based on the weight of Håkon Håkonsson. Are the runners more squeamish now?

Ole Kristian Stoltenberg answers:

– Yes, it was tougher before, no doubt about it. The heaviest edition of the race was probably in 1934. Then there was a 5.5 kilo bag plus towel, so the organizer didn’t have to take care of it. Arne Rustadstuen won that time with a 5.5 kilo bag. The wooden skis were wet and blue, and they lit three or four fires to dry the skis and get to the finish line. It was tougher before! The 34th edition stands for me as a milestone in Birken history.

Bags on, also after Birken.

Photo: Helge Tvedten / NRK

Petter Northug with his Birken bag.

Photo: Helge Tvedten / NRK

The bag must weigh 3.5 kilograms.

Photo: Helge Tvedten / NRK

Many bags are very compact.

Photo: Helge Tvedten / NRK


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