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Attack on Tesla’s power supply: letter of responsibility surfaced

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Attack on Tesla’s power supply: letter of responsibility surfaced

How Tesla continued to say that all measures had been taken to secure the production facilities. After consultation with the electricity provider Edis, Elon Musk’s company does not expect production to restart quickly. The electricity provider could not initially be reached.

However, according to the energy service provider Edis, by late Tuesday morning the power outages had largely been resolved, except for the industrial settlements. Through immediate switching, all affected communities were able to be supplied again – with the exception of a large industrial settlement and production facility and a logistics center, as it was said.

Damage expected to be in the nine-figure range

Tesla expects the loss of production to cause economic damage in the “high nine-figure range,” a Tesla representative said. It is assumed that the power supply will be interrupted for several days. It is unclear when production will resume. Whether this could happen at the beginning of next week will become apparent in the next few days.

The Tesla representative pointed out that this was the second direct attack on the factory’s power supply. There was also a third attack on the railway facility nearby. Tesla is now very concerned about the safety of its employees.

Connection to protests by environmentalists unclear

A spokeswoman for the Potsdam police headquarters did not want to speculate about a possible connection with the nearby protest camp of environmental activists. Investigations are underway in all directions, she said.

Since Thursday, around 80 to 100 environmental activists have been occupying part of the state forest in Brandenburg near the Tesla factory, which Elon Musk’s company wants to clear in the event of an expansion of its site.

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The activists have built around ten tree houses several meters high and announced that they want to hold out for as long as possible. The Grünheide citizens’ initiative also speaks out against Tesla’s expansion plans and shows solidarity with the occupiers.

Toleration of the protest camp questioned

Brandenburg’s Economics Minister Jörg Steinbach explained that the state government would reassess the critics’ protest camp if necessary. “That can also mean ending toleration,” he said. Most recently it was said that the camp set up last week would initially be tolerated until mid-March.

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