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Awakening of a disillusioned youth – Zone 11

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Awakening of a disillusioned youth – Zone 11

Drugs and alcohol that create a fleeting harmony,
Reduce notorious faculties and hinder reason;
And we struggle to ward off these nauseating inclinations,
As a lucid youth aspires to preserve its spirits.

Poverty, unemployment, precariousness and oppression;
Regissbetween our daily lives and perpetuate our misfortunes,
But we no longer dream of waiting for distant happiness;
For we persevere in our implacable ardor,
As an active youth forges concrete solutions.

The difficulties that abound make our exits watertight,
But we set off valiantly along the winding paths;
To get rid of these odious ordeals and setbacks,
Knowing by poor lamentations
slow down all our tasks.

It is the effort to win that keeps our ambitions alive,
When we languish in a country weakened by inaction;
But in latent acts we just find motivation,
For each day we strengthen our convictions a little more,
Without the slightest step back in the metamorphosis of our nation.

Like brave citizens who coal and then think,
To an improved outlook on their future existence;
We are working to overcome terrible nuisances,
Who overwhelm with every harsh situation that consumes us.

Every corner of town where honest workers wander,
And each school invested by diligent and correct students;
Are the demonstrations of a multifaceted youth,
Who strives to resist the vices of laziness and defeat.

United and fighting like millions of intrepid souls,
The fresco of determination can be seen on our faces;
And when we face adversity on each of these fronts,
A powerful composure arises, of which our mind is under the aegis.

If outrages, poverty, suffering and inequalities;
Did not succeed in bending our fighting souls,
Nor to shake our resilience in the face of the worst torments;
This means that our pragmatism is not about to run out of steam.

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