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Barranquilla Carnival celebrates its identity with the Battle of Flowers – Barranquilla – Colombia

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Barranquilla Carnival celebrates its identity with the Battle of Flowers – Barranquilla – Colombia

The Battle of Flowers is the emblematic parade of the Barranquilla Carnival, which begins this Saturday and will have a design and organization that will exalt the folkloric manifestations that make the Carnival a cultural treasure that, for 20 years, UNESCO declared as Intangible Heritage of Humanity.

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The parade starts at 11:00 in the morning on its traditional route along Via 40 from 85th Street to the María Bridge. There will be four kilometers of joy, music, dances, troupes, costumes, queens, orchestras that show the greatness of the Carnival and its diversity of expressions that coexist harmoniously on the same stage.

Folk groups brighten the parade.

This event will have the participation of 11 thousand makers from 71 folk groups that have been organized into eight thematic blocks and a preamble with traditional costumes, messages of citizen culture and environmental protection that are part of the sustainability strategy of the Carnival of Barranquilla.

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Queen Melissa Cure Villa, continuing with her flag of tradition in her ‘Solstice of Carnival’ float, will pay tribute to the Heritage Dance, the Empire of the Birds. For his part, King Momo Juventino Ojito will share the best of his music with his Son Mocaná orchestra, which will join and continue playing on 17th Street.

Artists on board 18 carriages

The fauna of the Caribbean is once again honored in the floats of the Barranquilla Carnival.

The Battle of Flowers 2024 will have 18 floats made in the Float Factory by teachers and artisans, inspired mainly by heritage dances and 47 musical floats with the orchestras most loved by the people of Barranquilla.

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Of the 11 thousand protagonist makers, 2,127 are part of the collective and individual costumes that will participate in the parade. One of the great guests at this parade is the Batabano Carnival of the Cayman Islands with a delegation from its party.

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The beauties of Colombia will also do so on board the floats such as Miss World Catalina Quintero, Miss Universe Colombia Camila Avella, María Alejandra López Virreina Grand Internacional, as well as Miss Soledad Marledys Morales; the actress Laura León, Tata Becerra, Laura Barjum and Natalia Muñoz Reina del Carnaval del Atlántico, among others.

The Baranoa International Band returns after four years to the Battle of Flores with a repertoire that 300 members will perform under the musical direction of maestro Hilton Escobar.

There will also be artists Eddie Herrera, Proyecto Uno, Mickey Taveras, Checo Acosta, Shekeré Orquesta, Gusi, Martina Camargo, Rafa Pérez, Óscar Prince, Lil Silvio & El Vega, Diego Daza and Son Mocaná, among others.

Space for football

One of the great moments of the parade will be the participation of the glories of Colombian soccer and the country’s women’s team, who will parade aboard a float from the Colombian Soccer Federation, which will begin the celebration of its 100 years in Barranquilla, ratifying the city as headquarters of the Colombian National Team. Among them will be: Farid Mondragón, Luis Amaranto Perea, Arnoldo Iguarán, Óscar Córdoba, Willintong Ortiz, René Higuita, Juan Pablo Ángel and Catalina Usme, among others.

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