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Beijing Winter Olympics builds the heart bridge of Sino-Russian friendship – Xinhua English.news.cn

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Han Xianyang, correspondent of Guangming Daily in Moscow

“I fly to the faraway fertile soil… The white snow covers the vast land and the mountains are rolling. Beijing is looking forward to the Olympic athletes to embark on the journey”, in this song written by Russian musician Vorobyov specially for the Beijing Winter Olympics In “Beijing”, snowflakes seem to build bridges of ice and snow, connecting Beijing with the rest of the world. Yes, the upcoming Beijing Winter Olympics is building a bridge of spiritual communication between China and Russia and the friendship between the two peoples.

  Putin: I have no doubts about China’s success in hosting the Winter Olympics

“I firmly believe that Chinese friends will be able to successfully host the Beijing Winter Olympics, and I look forward to meeting with President Xi Jinping at the opening of this sports event,” Russian President Vladimir Putin said in his 2022 New Year’s message to Chinese President Xi Jinping.

In fact, Russian President Vladimir Putin has recently supported the Beijing Winter Olympics one after another. Late last year, he told an annual press conference that boycotting the Beijing Winter Olympics was an attempt to contain China‘s rise. He said that apart from trying to contain China‘s rise, there is no other motivation for the so-called “diplomatic boycott” of the Olympics. “Sport, like the arts, should bring people together, not create problems with each other. When sports are taken away its core values, which will cost the international community.” Russian Presidential Press Secretary Peskov revealed at the end of last year that so far, President Putin’s only overseas visit in 2022 is to attend the opening ceremony of the Beijing Winter Olympics.

“Trying to maintain its hegemony by weakening its opponents is one of the most despicable means adopted by the United States and the West,” Novikov, vice chairman of the Central Committee of the Russian Communist Party and first vice chairman of the State Duma International Affairs Committee, told Guangming Daily. In an interview, the reporter said, “Under the premise that no evidence can be provided at all, it is ridiculous that US officials including US House of Representatives Speaker Nancy Pelosi use the so-called Chinese human rights violations as an excuse to boycott the Beijing Winter Olympics. Of course. , the United States is not qualified to serve as a judge!” He pointed out that Washington’s provocative behavior once again failed, and the so-called boycott attempt hit a nail among the closest allies.

Novikov pointed out that China has resolutely defended the right to host the Winter Olympics, and has won battles time after time. “This should be the best and extremely important example in the world.” He said, “At the 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing, China showed everyone how it can host the world‘s largest and most vivid sports feast. Now I have no doubt that with the unique experience that has been accumulated, China will once again make the world People from all over the world are enjoying the long-awaited and exciting time of the Olympic Games, and this is the unforgettable experience that this Olympic Games will bring to all mankind in the context of the new crown pneumonia epidemic.”

Looking ahead to the delegation’s journey in Beijing, Russian Deputy Prime Minister Chernyshenko said on the “Russia 24” TV program on the 29th of last month that China has established a very effective system that can minimize the possibility of the virus spreading , “We will send a very good team to Beijing to participate in the Winter Olympics, and I firmly believe that it will be a success.”

  Russian Olympic Committee: China is fully prepared

At present, Russian winter sports athletes are intensively preparing for the competition. It is expected that the Russian Olympic delegation will send a large delegation of 450 people, including 216 athletes, to Beijing to participate in the competition. The final list will be determined on January 20.

On the 7th of last month, the Chinese Embassy in Russia held a special meeting of the mainstream media between China and Russia for the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics online. Plitukhin, Director of the General Office of the Russian Olympic Committee, delivered a speech, and the Russian Short Track Speed ​​Skating Olympic Champion Trato Husband and Russian composer Vorobyov spoke successively. Pritukhin said that the international community is generally concerned about the health of the contestants, and China has done a lot of work and made adequate preparations for this. The meeting was a complete success; China-Russia sports exchanges have a good foundation and successful experience, and the Olympic Committees of the two countries signed a series of cooperation documents, establishing strategic mutual trust and comprehensive cooperation.

At present, the Russian media has also shown great enthusiasm for the Beijing Winter Olympics, and the reporting work is gradually heating up. “The Communist Youth League Pravda” on January 11, with the title “2022 Beijing Winter Olympics: Schedule, Most Popular Games, and the Russian Team’s Medal Chances”, introduced “The Most Important Winter Sports Events You Need to Know This Year”. The article said that some of the sports competitions of the Winter Olympics are about 200 kilometers away from Beijing. The high-speed railway built for this purpose was opened to traffic on December 30, 2019, becoming the first high-tech railway in China equipped with the Beidou global navigation satellite system. The running speed is about 350 km/h.

On January 12, Russia’s “Channel One” news program broadcast a three-and-a-half-minute program, reporting to Russian audiences that “China showed a train that will broadcast the Winter Olympics.” Taking the Beijing Winter Olympics train and high-speed rail 5G ultra-high-definition studio, which was launched at Qinghe Station of Beijing-Zhangjiakou High-speed Railway on January 6, as an entry point, “Channel One” introduced the achievements of China‘s “Technology Olympics” very carefully. The high-speed rail 5G ultra-high-definition studio is one of many locations where the Olympics will be televised, the program said. Unlike other studios, it is set inside a high-speed rail car that runs the railway at 350 kilometers per hour. This studio built with all-IP technology can realize guest interviews, mobile live coverage of the whole carriage, provide virtual production, multi-party connection and other services for large and small screens, and realize stable transmission of programs under long-term and high-speed movement. In addition, there are robots that sterilize and make hand-brewed coffee every day, and the robots that have already been on duty can serve a cup of steaming coffee to guests every three minutes.

  Russian and Chinese people: Towards the future together

“Guests from all over the world will gather in the temple to celebrate the grand event… We are connected with our favorite Beijing!” On December 7, 2021, the Russian song “Beijing” became popular on the Chinese Internet as soon as it was launched. The song’s creator, Vorobyov, was not a music major and was a military doctor before retiring.

If the more than 20 songs he wrote before came from interest, then the completion of this song “Beijing” is his blessing for the successful hosting of the Beijing Winter Olympics. He has never been to China, but when he saw in the news that China has done a lot of work to build the Olympic facilities and prepare for the Winter Olympics, he began to want to compose a harmonious, solemn and inspiring song dedicated to the Olympic Games. Thoughts from organizers, athletes, and all sports fans. He said that when he dreamed that he was in China one night and woke up with a wonderful feeling, the lyrics came out like this, and the melody also came. “The Olympics is a global event, and China is trying to run 2022 well. I have done a lot of work for the Beijing Winter Olympics in 2018. I want to send this song to Beijing to commemorate this sports event.”

On the one-month countdown to the Beijing Winter Olympics, students from the Chinese Students’ Association in Russia interviewed local Russian ice and snow sports enthusiasts in Red Square in Moscow, the outdoor ice rink in Wiedenham, and Kolomna. Made a four and a half minute video. During the interview, many Russian people expressed their eager anticipation for the Beijing Winter Olympics. Yevgenia, who speaks fluent Chinese and wants to study in a sports university in China, said that she hopes to take classes and play ice hockey with Chinese people, and she wants to challenge herself. Ski enthusiast Olise said that she is looking forward to and firmly believes that the opening and closing ceremonies of the Beijing Winter Olympics will be very exciting. Dmitry, a financial industry practitioner who just got off the ski slopes, said he hopes the Russian Olympic Committee team will achieve more victories and more medals. Dancer Anna is looking forward to a passionate opening ceremony to cheer up people who are suffering from the epidemic. Yevgeny, the management staff of the speed skating training base, said that he wished everyone to live in friendship and peace…

At the end of the video, in order to go to the “Winter Olympics” together, the interviewee happily shouted: “Together to the future”!

A screenshot of the video of the local Russian ice and snow sports enthusiasts being interviewed by the Chinese Students’ Association in Russia.Photo courtesy of Han Xianyang

(Guangming Daily, Moscow, January 14)

“Guangming Daily” (08 edition on January 15, 2022)

责编:李宜蒙 ]


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