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Biden at the UN: now we need to work together on pandemics, climate and rights

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Working together, “like never before”, on global challenges. From the scenario of a “future pandemic” to the fight against climate change and the defense of human rights, in what could be a “decisive decade for the world“. This is the appeal launched by US President Joe Biden in his first speech at the United Nations General Assembly in New York.

His administration, Biden added, wants to usher in a “new era of diplomacy” following the withdrawal from Afghanistan and use the “power of our development aid to invest in finding new ways to lift people around the world. to renew and defend democracy, to demonstrate that no matter how demanding or complex the problems we will have to face, government by and for the people is still the best way to give to all our peoples ”.


The era of old conflicts is over and Washington’s intention, for now, is to avoid new ones. “We are not looking for a new cold war,” he said, alluding to growing tensions with China and other adversaries on the global stage.

The EU is a fundamental partner

Biden especially insisted on a return to multilateralism. “The commitment of my administration,” he said, is to work with partners and allies for a “prosperous future for all people.” In this perspective, Biden said, the European Union remains a “fundamental” partner on the double front of climate and security. A change of course with respect to the climate of rupture that was breathed during the Trump presidency, but also an opening after the tensions exploded with Brussels and in particular France for the Aukus case. Always in discontinuity with Trump, Biden announced that the US is ready to resume its place on the UN human rights council.

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Military force “last resort”

The use of military force itself, Biden said, must be seen as a “last resort” with respect to all diplomatic options. “The United States will continue to defend itself and its allies from attacks, including terrorist ones – he said – but the mission must be clear, attainable, and when possible in partnership with allies”.

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