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Boyanka Kostova released her new single “Fóra da Lei”

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Boyanka Kostova released her new single “Fóra da Lei”

One of the most notable duos on the Galician music scene are making their debut. Cibrán y O Chicho do Funk (Back), better known as Boyanka Kostovathey just published “Outlaw”the first preview of what will be a new album that will be released in the spring of 2024 through Ernie Records.

They do not do it alone, since they have the collaboration of Friendship Seta Latin rhythms duo formed by Brais Lobato y Julian Sobrino. The launch was accompanied by a previous party held at Pulpería O Bochinche in Santiago de Compostela. The video clip that accompanies the song was exclusively screened there, being an authentic party that was attended by prominent names from the Galician musical and cultural scene such as The Rapants, Great love the former mayor of Compostela Martinho Noriega.

It was a historic night in which something “unique and unrepeatable” was experienced, as Chicho declared at the beginning of it. In fact, he himself did something that few of those present expected, which was to play the double bass live. And it is that Boyanka Kostova y Friendship Set -with the company of Joao to the accordion and Paula Cherry on the horn – performed several live versions of some of the most legendary songs of the Galician duo, such as “Restaurantes” or the case of “OG”, for which they also had the presence of the members of God Ke Te Crew. It was one more twist to his songs, which hinted at a change in his musical style.

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This change is observed with this new single. And it is that “Outlaw” It is a song that unites the Mexican tradition of the corrido tumbado and the urban rhythms so characteristic of the Galician duo. A very original fusion that promises to revolutionize the musical panorama of Galicia. Between guitars, accordion, double bass, tuba and lyrics full of heartbreak, Boyanka Kostova y Friendship Set They take us to many of the most mythical places and monuments in Santiago de Compostela. This melancholy and the musical contrast between tradition and modernity is reinforced by a very visual video clip directed by Alvite Peillet.

It is the visual presentation letter with which they accompany the premiere. It is a very striking work, in which they carry out the Galician capital, showing that contrast between tradition and modernity. “Outlaw”as well as the rest of the songs that will make up this sixth album, will be presented in a special concert on April 20 at the Sala Capitol in Santiago de Compostela, in an event that promises to be very special.

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