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Brando tired of Beatriz’s behavior

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Brando tired of Beatriz’s behavior

Previews of today’s episode (15 February 2024) of Men and Women: Brando tired of Beatriz

Give her previews of the February 15, 2024 episode of Men and Women it turns out that there will be no shortage of twists and unexpected implications in both the Throne Over that in Classic Throne. Going in order after the tensions aired in the previous episodes will continue discontent between the tronista Brando Ephrikian and his suitors Raffaella Scuotto and Beatriz D’Orsi. After the clashes with the latter, the tronista will decide to take her outside and there will be a clarification between the two.

However, once they return to the studio, Brando Ephrikian will compete again with Beatriz D’Orso. The young tronista will confess that he is tired of the young woman’s attitudes and behaviors. However, the situation will be different with Raffaella Scuotto. Thevery high tension between Tina Cipollari and Beatriz D’Orsi also in today’s episode of Men and Women. Space in the episode will also have the throne of Ida Platano and the acquaintance between Ernesto Russo and Barbara De Santi.

Men and Women, previews of the episode 15 February 2024: comparison between Ida Platano and Mario Cusitore

And give them previews of today’s episode (15 February 2024) of Men and Women it turns out that Mario Curisotore will enter the studio. The suitor, after continuous reports about him, had recently been eliminated from Ida Platano and had left Maria De Filippi’s dating show. Mario Cusitore will ask for a discussion to explain her motivations and above all to apologize to Ida Platano for his behavior. How will the tronista react? Will she remain firm in her footsteps or will she decide to give her suitor a second chance?

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And finally in today’s episode of Men and Women space they will have, in the Over Throne, the new couple formed by Ernesto Russo and Barbara De Santi. The two went out for dinner but there was no spark, there was no kiss. And that’s not all because the knight will decide to open up to other acquaintances too, causing the anger of the lady who instead would like an exclusive acquaintance. In short, you will see some beautiful ones on the Canale 5 dating show broadcast starting at 2.45pm.


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