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British media: Slovakia’s prime minister resigns as central bank deputy governor to succeed him – yqqlm

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Original title: British media: Slovak prime minister resigns as deputy governor of central bank to succeed

Reference news network reported on May 8Slovakia’s President Suzanna Caputova picked central bank deputy head Ludo Ludo, after caretaker prime minister Eduard Hagel resigned on Monday just months before snap elections in September, Reuters reported on May 7. Witte Odol leads a technocratic government.

Slovakia, a member of the European Union and NATO, has endured months of political uncertainty as Hegel’s ruling coalition weakened against a backdrop of high inflation and war in neighboring Ukraine.

The country’s political landscape is divided ahead of a likely election for the largest opposition party opposed to military aid to Ukraine.

According to reports, Hegel, who has led the government since 2021-his most recent status was the caretaker prime minister-resigned after several senior officials resigned and opposition parties demanded that he step down. President Caputova said she would appoint other members of Odor’s technocratic government after May 15.

“I think it’s very important that there is a smooth transition between the old and the new government,” she said in a televised address.

Odor, 46, has been deputy governor of the Slovak National Bank since 2018.

According to reports, in September 2022, as the ruling partner Freedom and Solidarity Party was dissatisfied with the soaring energy and food prices and withdrew from the government, the center-right ruling coalition led by Hegel lost its majority of seats, and the political situation in Slovakia fell into crisis.

Hegel lost a motion of no confidence in December, and in January MPs agreed to a snap election in September.

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In the past week, the agriculture minister resigned amid a subsidy scandal involving a company he owns, the report said. He denies any wrongdoing. On the 5th, the foreign minister also submitted his resignation.

The departure of these officials has forced Hegel to run multiple government departments, including the finance ministry, because the caretaker government cannot appoint new officials to fill the vacant positions, the report said. (compiled/Cao Weiguo)Return to Sohu to see more


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