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Carina Dahl about children in the future:

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Carina Dahl about children in the future:

On Monday evening there was a premiere party for the new VGTV series “Ida og Vegard: Plan Baby”. Several famous faces appeared for the occasion, including artist Carina Dahl (38).

– Kept driving off the road

In front of Se og Hør, she did not hide that she was looking forward to seeing her friends Vegard Harm (27) and Ida Fladen (38) in completely new roles – namely as parents.

– It will be interesting. A few years ago I was a guest on Ida’s podcast, and then we talked about how she was really ready and wanted children. So I can’t wait to see them do this together.

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– Loves children

When asked if Dahl could take part in a series that her friends have now done, she replied:

– Yes, my God. I love all kinds of challenges and I love children – and they love me. I was just in Africa visiting family, and then I had a nine-year-old who slept in my bed every single night and it was heartbreaking to leave her.

FRIENDS: Carina Dahl and her friend Morten Hegseth during the premiere of the VGTV series “Ida og Vegard: Plan Baby”. Photo: Andreas Fadum / Se og Hør Show more

– But I don’t have time for myself then, she added.

The artist is busy with gigs, and on Friday she released her new single “På hytta går det bra”.

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– It’s about when you go to the cabin, enjoy yourself with red wine and take it easy, but then it all unravels. Also, you suddenly drink aquavit, play clothes poker and dance in your panties, so there is a bit of humor around cabin trips.

– Otherwise, I am nominated for the Spellemannprisen – that is very nice.

Explains this

– Don’t stress

Dahl revealed that she is currently single, and that things are calm on the love front. When asked if children are something she wants in the future, she replied:

– I have never had any “cravings” for children or thought that all I want in life is to have children, I never have. But it’s clear that I’ve always wanted to experience it, but then the road is made as you go, and things happen.

Furthermore, Dahl explained that she believes that everything happens for a reason, and if she is meant to have children, it will happen.

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– I’m really relaxed about the whole thing and don’t stress about anything. I have a little faith in the universe, that things happen a little as they should. Then it can go very quickly and, suddenly, you are sitting there.

– Not long ago I saw that Maria Mena is already going on tour in November. So there will probably be a baby like that on me if I ever have a child, it must be included, she said.

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