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Carmen Beatriz Fernández: “The Venezuelan presidential elections will be neither free nor fair” – El Nacional

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Carmen Beatriz Fernández, a renowned Venezuelan political analyst, has spoken out about the upcoming presidential elections in Venezuela, stating that they will be “neither free nor fair.” This statement comes amidst mounting concerns over the integrity of the electoral process in the country.

Fernández’s comments were published in the Venezuelan newspaper El Nacional, where she expressed skepticism about the legitimacy of the elections. She is not alone in her concerns, as other publications such as Diario news have also questioned the fairness of the electoral schedule.

The situation has caught the attention of the international community, with reports in El País Newspaper highlighting the Venezuelan elections as a point of concern. Many fear that the elections will not be conducted in a transparent manner and that they could be marred by irregularities.

Juan Guerrero, a political commentator, even went as far as to suggest that voters may have to cast their ballots with a handkerchief over their nose due to the lack of trust in the electoral process.

Despite these challenges, some remain optimistic that the democratic process in Venezuela will prevail. The country Honduras has indicated that they are ready to publish their own observations on the Venezuelan elections, indicating a continued interest in ensuring the integrity of the electoral process.

As the Venezuelan presidential elections draw closer, the eyes of the international community will be closely watching to see how events unfold and whether the concerns raised by experts like Carmen Beatriz Fernández will be addressed.

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