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Celebrity news: Vicky Leandros has many guardian angels – Panorama

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Celebrity news: Vicky Leandros has many guardian angels – Panorama

Vicky Leandros, 71, pop singer, stumbled and fell off the stage at a concert in Hanover on Friday. Towards the end of the event, during the song “I love life”, she came too close to the edge of the stage in her glittery dress and high-heeled shoes and fell into the audience. Several people in the sold-out dome hall immediately rushed to her aid. After a few moments she was back on stage and continued her concert to great applause. “I was very lucky that I didn’t get injured and thank my guardian angel,” said the Greek native.

Open detailed view (Photo: Lars Penning/dpa)

Susanne Hippauf, 42, a police officer, set a new record at the German championship for reciting the circle number Pi in Emden. The Frankfurt native managed to recite the number from her head to 18,026 decimal places, breaking her own national record by more than 2,500 places. It took the memory artist three hours and five minutes to do this. “This is an incredible result,” said organizer Jan van Koningsveld. The competition, which lasted from Friday to Saturday, is unique in Germany and there is no comparable event known in the rest of Europe.

Open detailed view (Photo: Rolf Vennenbernd/dpa)

Gabriel Kelly, 22, singer, has received permission from his girlfriend to flirt with others – but only for show purposes. In a clip before his appearance on the 17th season of “Let’s Dance”, the son of musician Angelo Kelly embarrassingly asked his girlfriend Leoni at the beginning of the training week whether he would see his professional dance partner Malika during the rumba in the live show Dzumaev was allowed to “look at me in love”. Leoni generously approved the foreign flirtation on the dance floor. And the Kelly offspring promptly delivered a fiery performance – in front of his girlfriend. “The atmosphere was there, I’m convinced,” praised juror Motsi Mabuse. “Such great basics make me happy.” Juror Joachim Llambi gave it the title “Best footwork of the evening”.

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Open detailed view (Photo: Timothy A. Clary/AFP)

Cara Delevingne, 31, model and actress, mourns the loss of her villa in Los Angeles. It was destroyed by flames. “My heart is broken today,” the 31-year-old wrote on Instagram. “Life can change in the blink of an eye. So appreciate what you have.” Delevingne, who according to US media was not in Los Angeles at the time of the fire, thanked the fire department and posted a video of several emergency vehicles with flashing lights near her property. Two people were injured after flames engulfed the villa in the Studio City district on Friday night (local time), CNN reported. Almost 100 firefighters fought the fire for more than two hours.

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