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Celtics crush Warriors by 52 points with show from Brown and birthday boy Tatum

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Celtics crush Warriors by 52 points with show from Brown and birthday boy Tatum

O Boston Celtics entered the court this Sunday (3) with a feeling of revenge against the Golden State Warriors and imposed the fourth biggest defeat in franchise history of San Francisco, with humiliating 140 a 88. Still angry about the loss of the title two years ago and for taking the upset in extra time at the opponent’s home this season, the leader needed just over a quarter to achieve the 11th victory in a row on a record-breaking day.

For the first time in history In the NBA, a team can beat three rivals in the same edition by 50 or more points. In addition to the Warriors, Boston had already destroyed the Brooklyn Netsby 136 to 86 and the Indiana Pacers155 to 104 in a campaign of 48 victories and only 12 defeats.

It was the best first half in Celtics history, with 82 points – and Steve Kerr’s worst in charge of the Warriors. The home team hit 25 threes. In contrast, the visitors scored their lowest score of the season before the break, with just 38 – until then, 43 was the bad mark.

Before the rest, the difference reached 45 points, with 79 to 34. In the game, Boston opened 56. The 82 to 38 at halftime came with the Warriors without any three made. Stephen Curry, who played with a knee problem, missed his nine attempts from the perimeter and only scored four points on 13 shots.

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The match was only funny until 21 to 21. Then, the Celtics went 23 to 1 and with 44 to 22 at the end of the first quarter they already had the victory on their way. Stephen Curry, Klay Thompson and Draymond Green didn’t even return to the bench after the break. It was only with the third quarter almost over that they appeared to honor the reserves. Just like Boston didn’t need its stars in the final two periods.

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Jaylen Brown was the scorer with 29 points, compared to 27 from Jayson Tatum, who turned 26 with a party, congratulations from the fans on more than one occasion and even saw the “ola” at TD Garden. And both just rested in the second half.

“It’s a great feeling, but at the same time, it’s always humble,” said Brown, who was involved in controversy when he “diminished” Curry in the California game before the upset. “We don’t take the game for granted (after the devastating start). But we didn’t come to play and that’s how we show our respect for the game, take care of the paint and defend well. It’s a lot of respect for the Golden State Warriors, but we feel that now it’s our time”, he said, confident of winning his 18th title and ending a 17-year drought.

“The way they’ve been playing, they seem very sure of themselves in their identity and who they are,” Curry said. “We give credit to him, who came out well and outperformed us tonight from the start. It was one of those perfect performances on a difficult day for us,” she explained.

“Boston was incredible and we couldn’t beat them today,” added Steve Kerr. “It wasn’t a day off for Steph, although he probably needed it. He played so well and for so long this year, I hope that in the next few days he recharges his energy”, concluded the Warriors coach, lamenting his star’s low productivity for playing sacrifice due to his knee problem.

Check out this Sunday’s results:

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Dallas Mavericks 116 x 120 Philadelphia 76ers

Boston Celtics 140 x 88 Golden State Warriors

Minnesota Timberwolves 88 x 89 Los Angeles Clippers

Orlando Magic 113 x 91 Detroit Pistons

Toronto Raptors 111 x 106 Charlotte Hornets

Cleveland Cavaliers 98 x 107 New York Knicks

San Antonio Spurs 117 x 105 Indiana Pacers

Phoenix Suns 110 x 118 Oklahoma City Thunder

Follow Monday’s games:

Brooklyn Nets x Memphis Grizzlies

Milwaukee Bucks x Los Angeles Clippers

Minnesota Timberwolves x Portland Trail Blazers

Utah Jazz x Washington Wizards

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