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China imposes export controls on germanium and gallium to the EU, essential components for chips and ecological transition

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China imposes export controls on germanium and gallium to the EU, essential components for chips and ecological transition

The People’s Republic of China has announced its choice to introduce, starting from August 1, 2023, export controls of some rare metals (germanium and gallium) to the countries ofEuropean Union. This is only the last chapter of the chip war ongoing between Chinese e Western countries. In March 2023, in fact, it was i Netherlands to approve a plan, under US pressure, for to limit e to introduce check inexport to China of technologies useful for the production of chips. A choice that fits within the general orientation undertaken by the European Union for limit the risks and the consequences an economy too employee from the Dragon.

In particular, germany e gallio are two crucial elements for the production of semiconductors, radars, electronic components and military componentsas well as being of fundamental importance also for the development of elements useful for ecological transition. For these reasons, the European Commission condemned China’s decision, stating through a spokesperson that she was “concerned that export restrictions are not related to the need to protect global peace and stability in implementation of China’s non-proliferation obligations under international treaties” , later asking Beijing to “adopt an approach that includes restrictions and controls based on clear security considerations, in line with WTO rules”. There replica in the merit of Beijing was particularly direct, reiterating that the narrow choice will have the aim of safeguarding “the safety they national interests” of China and is looming as one answer to the US bloc on the supply of high-tech components to the Dragon. According to reports from the Global Timesthe spokesman of the Chinese Foreign Ministry, Wang Wenbinhe then specified that export control is a “legitimate international practice also adopted by EU countries”.

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The reactions were not limited to producing results only within the European borders but rather, the Japana historic western ally, yes elbowed at protests of the European Union by stating via the Minister of Commerce Yasutoshi Nishimura that Tokyo will monitor China’s moves on how it intends to implement these restrictions and, if necessary, oppose any violation of the rules ofWorld Trade Organization (WTO) e you other international agreements. Il coordination between the EU and Japan has also strengthened in recent days thanks to the subscription of a memorandum aimed at a strengthening from the cooperation In the microchip industry and “strengthen the resilience of the semiconductor supply chain, including an early warning mechanism to prevent potential disruptions, especially for critical raw materials”.

According to one studio published by European Commissionthe EU it matters il 71% of his gallio and the 45% of the germany from China, world‘s first extractor. And that’s why now fears dell’Ue are strong, since from the trend of ecological transition he was born in Green Deal the economic performance of the member states will also depend more and more in the coming years.

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