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Cleaners paid the lottery and won millions Info

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Cleaners paid the lottery and won millions  Info

Eleven cleaners collected money to participate in the lottery and won 1.2 million dollars.

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Eleven cleaners in the southern Indian state of Kerala scraped together money to buy a lottery ticket and last week won a jackpot of 100 million rupees, or $1.2 million.

They collect inorganic waste from households in the city of Parapanangadi in Kerala, and their salary is about 250 rupees a day, with an occasional supplement that the local corporation gives them from the sale of the waste they collect, writes the BBC.

That money is not enough to live on, so most of them borrowed and took loans for their children’s education and other expenses. Last month, 11 of them decided to buy a 250 rupee ticket, and one of them – Kutimalu (72) did not have enough money, so her colleague Babi told her that she had 25 rupees and was ready to lend her half for the ticket.

So the two of them paid 12.5 rupees each for their part of the ticket, while the other nine women paid 25 rupees each.

They found out about the winnings the day after the jackpot was drawn, when one of them asked her husband to check the results. They told the BBC that they will not leave the work they do, because it was this collective that brought them happiness.

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