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Comments on Eintracht’s draw in the Conference League: “It’s very annoying” | hessenschau.de

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Comments on Eintracht’s draw in the Conference League: “It’s very annoying” |  hessenschau.de

There is anger at Eintracht Frankfurt after the draw in the play-off first leg of the Conference League. Especially because the Hessians did not reward themselves for a strong initial phase. The voices for the game.

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The press conference after the Eintracht game at Union Saint-Gilloise

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Eintracht Frankfurt was unable to get beyond a 2-2 draw in the first leg of the Conference League play-off against Belgian club Union Saint-Gilloise. And that despite the fact that the Hessians showed a strong opening phase offensively on Thursday evening and took a 2-0 lead at one point. The votes for an overall fair draw.

Sebastian Rode: It’s very annoying. Especially because we got into the game very well. We lead 2-0, have everything under control and then build up the Belgians so much over our own mistakes. Then we couldn’t really find our way in like we did at the beginning. In the second half the stadium became more and more crowded and the pressure became greater and greater. We can’t manage to be that killer team at the moment. Nevertheless, it’s not a bad starting point for next week. We want to move forward with that.

Draw at Union St. Gilloise Eintracht disappointed after a strong start

Eintracht Frankfurt only played a draw at Union St. Gilloise. The Hessians offered a strong initial phase, but then they simply allowed the game to be taken out of their hands.

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Markus Krösche: That was unnecessary. We did really well for 35 minutes. We created a lot of chances, took advantage of counterattack situations and had good transition moments. And through a simple mistake, Union gets back into it. They pressed us well, and then we kept pressing and making life difficult for ourselves. We make simple mistakes. We have to stay in control and keep playing the game. We must maintain this belief, that is the key. Mistakes can always happen, that’s part of football. But we still have to keep the conviction and try to push through the game.

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Markus Krösche: “That was unnecessary”

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Dino Topmöller: It was a very, very good start, we were in control. It was the reaction we intended. Then we invite the opponent to come back into the game through a major mistake. This shouldn’t happen, it’s very annoying. It’s annoying when you play a great game for 35 minutes and normally have to be 3-0 up, and then you give this gift. I would like a different stability. We have experienced players, but everyone is busy with themselves. That can always happen. We have to play better in the second half. But it is like that. We are taking a lot of positive things with us, we are a young team in development. We have to be more stable in the face of setbacks, we have to be more mature. We have to learn from that. Nevertheless, this is a promising starting situation. At home in front of our viewers. Support today helped us.

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