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Comprehensive News: People’s Lives Are Happy, Social Development and Progress – Overseas People Positively Comment on Tibet’s Development Achievements-Domestic News-Jellyfish Net

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Comprehensive news: People’s life is happy, social development and progress – overseas people positively comment on Tibet’s development achievements

Xinhua News Agency, Beijing, March 30 (Xinhua) Comprehensive Xinhua News Agency reporters abroad reported: In the spring of 63 years ago, under the leadership of the Communist Party of China, a democratic reform centered on the abolition of the feudal serfdom that combined politics and religion was fully launched in Tibet. Overseas people believe that since then, the people of all ethnic groups in Tibet have made great achievements in social system changes and historic eradication of absolute poverty. Tibetan society has achieved all-round development and progress, and people of all ethnic groups live happily.

Samir Ahmed, a Jordanian expert on China issues, said that the people of all ethnic groups in Tibet are now sharing development opportunities, and the society has developed and progressed in an all-round way. The minority frontier areas have achieved high-quality development under the leadership of the Communist Party of China. miracle in history.

Tan Zheli, a senior researcher at the Mbeki Institute for African Leadership at the University of South Africa, said that the people-centered development concept has enabled Tibet to achieve tremendous economic and social development and greatly improve people’s living standards. The Chinese government has formulated policies that are in line with reality. Today, the Tibetan people are rich in material and spirituality.

Leia Bessie, a French expert on China issues, said that through many field trips, she has personally experienced the impressive development achievements of Tibet. Railway, aviation and road infrastructure have developed rapidly, new schools have been constructed and free education has achieved remarkable results, public service institutions such as hospitals and nursing homes have been continuously improved, and the local economy has prospered.

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Eduardo Regalado, a senior China expert at the Cuban Center for International Political Studies, said that Tibet’s cultural tourism, modern services, plateau biology, Tibetan medicine and other industries have gradually developed and grown, and the quality of the ecological environment has continued to maintain good quality. Great achievements. On the road to the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation, the life of the Tibetan people will definitely be sweeter.

Sultan Khali, head of the Pakistan-China Media Forum, said that during his visit to Tibet, he was deeply impressed by the modern highways passing through the mountains and mountains. At the same time, farmers and herdsmen lived in brand-new resettlement houses and received high-quality medical care and education. Resources and job opportunities are the fruits of the Chinese government’s initiatives to improve the quality of life of the Tibetan people.

Bambang Suryono, chairman of the Asian Innovation Research Center, an Indonesian think tank, said that Tibet’s progress from backwardness to progress is obvious to all. It has historically eliminated the problem of absolute poverty, solved problems such as inconvenience in transportation, brought opportunities for medical education and development, and promoted the development of High-quality development in Tibet.

Former Nepalese consul-general in Lhasa and former ambassador to China, Lila Mani Baodeyal, said that during his work in Lhasa, he had witnessed great changes in the lives of the Tibetan people. Compulsory education was guaranteed. Earth-shaking changes have been made in such areas, and these achievements are due to the various policies formulated by the Chinese government.

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Ronnie Lins, director of the Brazilian Center for China Studies, believes that since the liberation of millions of serfs, Tibet has undergone tremendous changes. Since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, a series of policies and measures to safeguard and safeguard ethnic unity and a series of major projects benefiting people’s livelihood and supporting the foundation of the national economy have promoted major progress in ethnic unity and Tibet’s economic and social development. (Participating reporters: Wang Aona, Ji Ze, Zhou Shengping, Yi Aijun, Lin Zhaohui, Xu Yongchun, Zhao Yan, Chen Weihua, Jing Jing, Jiang Chao)

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