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Cruzeiro only draws with La Calera and continues without winning in the Copa Sudamericana

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Cruzeiro only draws with La Calera and continues without winning in the Copa Sudamericana

In a technically weak game, Cruzeiro and Unión La Calera-CHI drew 0-0, this Tuesday (23), at the Municipal stadium, in Concepción, Chile, in the third round of Group B of the Copa Sudamericana.

With the result, Cruzeiro continues without winning in the competition. So far, the celestial team has accumulated three draws, two away from home (Universidad Católica-EQU and La Calera) and one at Mineirão (Alianza-COL).

Cruzeiro is in third place with three points from three matches. The blue team’s position in the group at the end of the round will depend on the result of the game between Universidad Católica-EQU and Alianza-COL, who face each other in Colombia.

A victory for the Colombians would leave Cruzeiro in last place. La Calera is second with four points from three games.

Moisés Moura as coach

The South American Football Confederation (Conmebol) considered Moisés Moura to be Cruzeiro’s coach in the match against La Calera. Fernando Seabra, Cruzeiro’s current coach, hired to replace Argentine Nicolás Larcamón, signed the summary as a physical trainer.

The official change from Conmebol’s perspective happens because Fernando Seabra does not have a license to work as a coach in competitions organized by Conmebol. Currently, assistant coach Moisés Moura, recently hired by the Cruzeiro board, at least on paper, will be responsible for leading Cruzeiro against La Calera.

Moisés has a Pro license from the Brazilian Football Confederation (CBF) and a B license from UEFA.

The first half

Cruzeiro had more game volume and spent more time with the ball. The statistics in the initial stage showed the celestial team with more than 64% possession. Despite this, the celestial team made silly mistakes and wasted the few chances they created.

Impressively, Rafael Elias missed a “made goal” at the beginning of the match. In the 6th minute, in the face of goalkeeper Ibañez, the Cruzeiro striker got all tangled up with the ball.

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Cruzeiro finished 11 times in the initial stage, with the opponent having just three opportunities. In addition to the play with Rafael Elias, Álvaro Barreal also missed a good chance, when he kicked across the cross and the ball skimmed the post.

Second time

The second half was based on the fight. Cruzeiro continued with more game volume, but was unable to be effective. Fernando Seabra’s team had the ball, but ran into La Calera’s marking.

The second stage was marked by a penalty not awarded in favor of Cruzeiro. In the 14th minute, Álvaro Barreal was brought down in the La Calera area. The referee ignored the move and did not award the penalty.

Itatiaia’s refereeing commentator, Márcio Rezende de Freitas, commented on the move: “Even without intention, for me it’s a foul”, stating that he would award the penalty.

La Calera also claimed a penalty, in the 29th minute, after the ball hit João Marcelo. The judge ordered the play to continue, despite many complaints from the Chileans.

A minute later, Anderson saved Cruzeiro with a brilliant save, sending the ball wide for a corner.

Cruzeirenses at the stadium

Cruzeiro played away from home, but the presence of the Celeste fan caught attention. The Cruzeiro fans sang throughout the game and supported Fernando Seabra’s team, even with the low technical level of the match.


The Calera

Matthias Ibanez; Ferrario, Parnisiari, Bruno Romo and Esteban Matus; Cesar Perez, Aued, Matthias Cavalleri and Hauche (Ponce); Emanuel Gigliotti (Rebolledo) and Franco Soldier. Technician: Manuel Fernandez.

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  • Anderson; Wesley Gasolina (William), Zé Ivaldo, João Marcelo, Marlon; Lucas Romero (Ramiro), José Cifuentes, Mateus Vital (Gabriel Veron) and Matheus Pereira; Álvaro Barreal (Robert) and Rafael Elias (Rafa Silva). Coach: Fernando Seabra
  • Reason: 3rd round of Group B of the Copa Sudamericana
  • Date and time: April 22, 2024 (Tuesday), at 7pm (Brasília time)
  • Venue: Municipal Stadium, Concepcion, Chile
  • Referee: Mario Díaz de Vivar (PAR)
  • Assistants: Milciades Saldivar (PAR) and Jose Villagra (PAR)
  • VAR: Ulises Meireles (PAR)
  • Yellow card: Ferrario, Aued (ULA); Rafael Elias, Rafa Silva (CRU)

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