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Danijel Subasic, a Serb, listened to Tomspon in the Croatian national team Sport

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Danijel Subasic, a Serb, listened to Tomspon in the Croatian national team  Sport

The hero of the Croatian national team at the World Cup in Russia, Danijel Subašić, enjoys the music of Marko Perković Thompson, even though he is of Serbian origin.

Source: YouTube/HNK Hajduk Split/Printscreen

Former Croatian goalkeeper Danijel Subašić (38) decided to put an end to his career for the second time at the end of the recently concluded season and dedicate himself to his family. He spent the last two years, during his return to the field, in the jersey of Hajduk from Split, and it was on the club’s official channel that he was a guest in the premiere episode of the podcast – on that occasion, he revealed that during the World Cup in Russia in 2018 enjoyed the music of Marko Perković Thompson!

In those years, the Croatian national football team celebrated victories by listening to a controversial singer known for his pro-Ustasha views, but it is strange that he also listened to such music Danijel, whose father is a Serb! Until recently, the goalkeeper of Hajduk from Split was born from a mixed marriage of a Serb, Jova, and a Croatian, Boja, and his origin caused him enormous problems at the beginning of his career. However, he forgot all that when he became part of the national team…

He talked about the details of the World Cup in the podcast, and the journalist who conducted the conversation was interested in how the players relax during the knockout phase, when the tension is at its peak and when you rarely talk to your teammates even during shared meals. Danijel Subasic had a ready answer, and he could cause a lot of controversy.

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“There is no break in the tension, you eat and go to your room. You are in your own movie. You listen to music, whatever suits you. I remember that just then I took some of Ćorluka’s baby clothes and left them in my room next to the door. He was in the room next to me and he should have picked it up. I went to take a shower, I turned on Thompson, some song and Charlie comes with ‘I didn’t know Thompson had a concert here’. I always listened to three or four of Thompson’s songs, I loved them and they were my ritual“, said Danijel Subašić, who a few days later was the hero of the national team due to saved penalties against the Danes.

By the way, Jove Subašić’s family is from Raštevic near Benkovac, later they settled in Zadar, and the famous goalkeeper’s father died in 2020 in the village of Zagrad. He lived in Croatia until the end of his life, and as he pointed out in an interview after the 2018 World Cup final in which his son defended, the family did not come to congratulate him. Allegedly, Danijel Subašić’s extended family was not satisfied with his choice to defend for Croatiaalthough he has been a fan of Hajduk from Split since childhood, and his mother is of Croatian origin.

On the other hand, his father’s origins were disputed when Daniel was just making his way into professional football. The father of his girlfriend at the time, and now his wife, beat his daughter and threatened to slaughter her because she was seeing a Serb! Antonija then ended up in the infirmary, and after the incident she moved in with Danijel Subasic and started living with him. The police initiated a case against the bully who physically attacked his daughter because of his relationship with the goalkeeper of Serbian origin, but in the following years no details about the punishment or Antonija Subašić’s relationship with her parents became known.

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That Danijel himself increasingly distanced himself from his Serbian origin became clear in 2021, when together with his teammate Marko Livaj, he chanted “I hate Dynamo, it’s a Serbian name” in a night club. Subasic did not take responsibility for inappropriate behavior in the videos that shocked the public, but attacked all those who published that material.

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