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Di Maio on the maneuver, “confident in compromise”. And on the Quirinale: “Enough names you risk burning the best”

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He says he is confident in the “compromise”. Luigi Di Maio from the microphones of Radio I too believe that an agreement will be found on the stability law. After all, just tilt your head, and you realize that, more or less, every year it has been like this: every time the maneuver was discussed there was the so-called assault on the diligence. On the part of the parties, of course, but also on the trade union front. And perhaps, it is inevitable, that the rite of claims is still repeated today, even more so that on the horizon there are the two hundred billion euros (euros plus euros less) that arrive with the PNRR. Certainly, affirms the Foreign Minister, “Draghi shows willingness with the trade unions”: “In every budget law there is a negotiation with the social partners, as it should be. Yesterday was a passage of a negotiation. Draghi is showing maximum availability. Nobody wants to go back to the Forneo law but nobody proposes a quota of 100, we have to find a compromise and I am confident that we will find it ». Yes, a compromise. The same sentence that also holds court on the front of the election for Sergio Mattarella’s successor at the Quirinale. Of course, says Di Maio, «If we start talking about early voting and jeopardize the execution of the NRP and the completion of the vaccination campaign – I make a joke – we will probably never elect the President of the Republic. It is important, however, that the President of the Republic is elected with the spirit of someone who wants to give solid leadership to the country and not a political crisis. Because we don’t need it ». And then: “Italy is growing at a rate of 6%, the country has set a record in terms of exports in the world and now an interruption with a political crisis would cause substantial economic damage that we cannot afford”, he said. added. “Letta and Conte – he clarifies – have not yet talked about names, as it should be, also because with this game that is being done to burn names, we risk burning the best ones”. Quidni, a passage on the zan bill that risks getting mired in the tensions between parties. “I think it takes a great responsibility. This is a sacrosanct bill, which should become law in minutes. Instead we have been discussing it for months and months ».

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