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Do you like alfajor? Discover 3 typical Argentine sweets

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Do you like alfajor?  Discover 3 typical Argentine sweets

In addition to award-winning wines, addictive empanadas and succulent parrillas, Argentina offers on its menu of typical dishes an interesting and delicious variety of desserts, which can be found in Argentine cafes, pastry shops, bars, restaurants, markets and homes.

Some of these desserts are also similar to sweets that we consume here in Brazil, and may have differences in ingredients, preparation and method of serving. In fact, many Argentine-inspired restaurants in São Paulo, and throughout the country, serve these desserts on their menus, making it possible to try versions of these sweets without having to cross the border.

Are you curious? Discover some typical sweets from the country below:

Caramel cookie

Argentine alfajores Photo: coffeeflavour/Adobe Stock

The sweet that occupies a large part of travelers’ suitcases when returning to Argentina is also one of the country’s residents’ favorites, and can take a few different forms. The shape of the alfajor is very similar to honey bread, but alfajores can be made either as a mini sandwich with stuffed cookies or almost like a cupcake covered with chocolate or icing.

The most popular filling is dulce de leche, but you can find a wide variety of options: fruit jellies and chocolate ganaches are just some of the variations. Havana and Cachafaz (which have stores in Brazil) are some of the most famous alfajor brands, but you can find many options in markets, special versions in candy stores and even more artisanal recipes in establishments across the country.


Argentinean mixed flan, from the pizzeria and restaurant El Cuartito. Photo: Luigi Di Fiore/Estadão

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Very similar to Brazilian pudding, Argentine flan probably has its origins in Spanish dessert recipes. While our pudding uses condensed milk, which leaves the dough structured and with an unmistakable flavor, the typical Argentinian flan has some differences in its composition.

With a slightly less sweet flavor, the Argentine flan does not contain condensed milk, and has a greater quantity of eggs in the dough, which can contain up to twice as much of this ingredient compared to the pudding. It is commonly served with dulce de leche and whipped cream, which add a sweeter, creamier touch to the recipe.

Caramel sauce

Argentine dulce de leche Photo: MARCOS MENDES/AE

Argentine dulce de leche is not just a filling and accompaniment, it is also a very popular and renowned sweet in the country. You may have already heard about the fame of the region’s dulce de leche, and it’s no surprise. Although there are different types and qualities, Argentine dulce de leche (or caramel saucein Spanish) is known for its creaminess, degree of caramelization, aroma and unmistakable flavor.

In 2023, Paladar tested the best brands of dulce de leche on the market, and there was no other: Havana (1st) and La Serenissima (2nd), Argentine brands, were the ones that most pleased the taste of the judges present in the test, as chef Carla Pernambuco.

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