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Dolph Lundgren and Emma Krokdal became Americans: – Celebrated with a training session

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Dolph Lundgren and Emma Krokdal became Americans: – Celebrated with a training session

Hollywood star Dolph Lundgren (66) and his Norwegian wife Emma Krokdal (27) have been granted American citizenship.

HERE THEY BECOME AMERICANS: Married couple Dolph Lundgren and Emma Krokdal during the citizenship ceremony in Los Angeles. Photo: Private

Wednesday 14 February at 11:14

This is confirmed by Emma Krokdal from Trønder to VG.

– It was actually a fairly easy process. We have both had a Green Card, a permanent residence and work permit in the USA. With a Green Card you do not need a visa. long enough to be allowed to apply for citizenship, and since Dolph really wanted to do it, we decided to do it together. Then we won’t have to renew visas in the future, she says.

The case was first mentioned in People Magazine.

The couple married in July 2023 and are now working together on film projects. The Swedish-born film star is known especially from “Rocky IV” (1985). His first starring role was as the title character in “He-Man – Masters of the Universe” (1987).

Lundgren moved to the United States over 40 years ago, only interrupted by stays in Spain and Sweden.

Emma Krokdal has a background as a personal trainer and came to California 8.5 years ago in 2015, she tells VG.

The ceremony took place on Tuesday, February 13 in Los Angeles. On his private Instagram-profile Lundgren expresses gratitude for his new status:

– I finally did it! I have been in this country on and off for 40 years now. First as a student, then as a martial artist and actor. America has given me some amazing opportunities and a wonderful life. I am proud to become an American citizen and officially make this my home, writes the star.

CHEERS: Emma Krokdal (27) raises the flag with citizenship in the USA in a box. Photo: Private

PROUD: After a long Hollywood career, Dolph Lundgren has obtained American citizenship. Photo: Private

Although the couple have now become Americans, Krokdal is as Norwegian as before, she emphasizes:

– We will clearly retain Swedish and Norwegian citizenship. I love Norway and have my whole family there. I also want any future child to have a connection to Scandinavia.

– What is the best and worst thing about living in the USA?

– The best thing is all the opportunities this country offers – including the freedom in career. I have learned so much about so many different things, and have had many opportunities without having a long education, answers Krokdal.

– The worst thing is that my family is not here. The second worst thing is that the food is not as clean as at home in Norway and Sweden.

THE PROOF: Dolph Lundgren (66) and his wife Emma Krokdal (27) with the papers that they are now American citizens. Photo: Private

Becoming a citizen required pushing ahead, says Krokdal.

– We had 100 questions that we had to practice. On the test, they choose 10 random questions from the 100. Everything from history, politics, rules, etc.

– What happens if you are unable to answer?

– I think you get two chances and you can have three mistakes. They only ask ten questions, but if you answer the first seven correctly they stop as you only need seven correct to pass, explains the 27-year-old.

– So you have to know all 100 since they can ask about anything.

The event was celebrated in proper Hollywood fashion:

– We celebrated with a training session and an early evening, we were quite tired as we got up at 04.45 for my citizenship test. We will celebrate more tonight with a dinner at a restaurant, concludes Krokdal.

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