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Dragan Kojić Keba favorite song | Fun

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Dragan Kojić Keba favorite song |  Fun

Dragan Kojić Keba recalled the beginning of his career and revealed which song still evokes emotions in him today and he doesn’t miss listening to it when he’s in a bar.

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Dragan Kojić Keba, who recently spoke out about the ban on singing with his colleagues at an event in Croatia, performed in Belgrade after a long period, and on that occasion he revealed what memories and emotions bind him to the pub.

“I don’t sing that often in Belgrade, but I would like to. I’m glad that such occasions have started to happen in Belgrade. The pub is where I started when I was 17 or 18 years old. It is something that brings back my best memories, from my Loznica. I’m glad that the taverns in Belgrade have woken up, because they are a special kind of magic. It is a charm that turns into a word. I’m already on my way to compose a song, it won’t be called kafana, but it will be that story,” said Keba before the performance, revealing which song he orders in the kafana.

“Somewhere in the distance my vision is lost. Why right there? I don’t know, that song is older than me. I learned it as a child and loved it. That song brings back some memories in me“, admitted the singer, who recalled the beginning of his career.

Source: Kurir television

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