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Draghi Erdogan, the meeting in Turkey on Ukraine

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Draghi Erdogan, the meeting in Turkey on Ukraine

It seems a century has passed since that press conference in April 2021 when Italian Prime Minister Mario Draghi called Erdogan “a dictator”. The Russian invasion of Ukraine changed everything, including the level of relations between the two countries. And today, a year and two months later, the tones are different. Draghi, guest of the president during the intergovernmental summit between Italy and Turkey “indicates the common will to strengthen collaboration: Italy and Turkey are partners, friends allies”. «I want to thank President Erdogan and the Turkish government for organizing this third intergovernmental summit and for their warm hospitality. Today’s meeting indicates a common will to strengthen collaboration between our countries. Italy and Turkey are partners, friends, allies. We face great challenges, starting with the war in Ukraine, and we want to work together to tackle them, ”said the Prime Minister after his meeting with the President of the Republic of Turkey, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, in Ankara.
The grain question
“With Turkey to overcome the food crisis, we risk catastrophe.” The wheat issue “is not just a question linked to the war in Ukraine”, but the situation could cause “further migratory flows”, so it must be seen in a broader and more complex way. Then, on the grain issue, the Turkish president spoke: «Our negotiations» for a grain corridor in the Black Sea «are moving forward. At the moment we don’t have a crisis on this but in Africa there is a huge problem. For this we hope there will be an agreement “between Putin and Zelensky” also under the UN umbrella. Let’s try to get a result in 10 days ». And Erdogan always stressed that “the Black Sea corridor is very important to me” and that “talks with Putin and Zelensky are continuing so that wheat and other products can reach The problem is not with us, but in Africa, and with Guterres, under the NATO umbrella, in the next few days we will increase contacts and efforts to reach the goal ». Therefore, Draghi explained that “a wheat agreement has strategic value”. Adding that “in the overall efforts for peace it would be a first act of harmony, a first attempt to reach an agreement for an end that must involve us all because the lives of millions of people in the poorest areas of the world are at stake”.

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Ankara, The greeting in Turkish to the soldiers of Prime Minister Draghi: “Merhaba asker”


The two United Nations to condemn the Russian invasion
“Italy and Turkey are united in the condemnation of the Russian invasion and in their support for Kiev” Thus, then, the premier during the joint press conference with the Turkish president, Recep Tayyip Erdogan.
The agreements between the two countries
Meanwhile, Italy and Turkey have signed 9 agreements to “strengthen cooperation”. This was stated by Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan during the joint press conference with Prime Minister Mario Draghi after the third Italy-Turkey intergovernmental summit which was held today in Ankara. The Turkish president has made it known that the goal for this year is to reach an economic exchange of 25 billion dollars.

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