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“Drunk”, Rui Sinel de Cordes is being accused of insulting and humiliating a woman, in a show

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“Drunk”, Rui Sinel de Cordes is being accused of insulting and humiliating a woman, in a show

The comedian met with Salvador Martinha and Luís Franco-Bastos to pay tribute to a mutual friend, Ricardo Vilão, but it didn’t go as expected

The motto for Rui Sinel de Cordes, Luís Franco-Bastos and Salvador Martinha to come together on stage was to pay homage to their friend Ricardo Vilão, who died four months ago.

As a tribute, the three comedians decided to take to the stage at Teatro Tivoli BBVA, in Lisbon, and Teatro Sá da Bandeira, in Porto, a solidarity show, entitled “Morro A Tomorrow”, the proceeds of which go to Ricardo Vilão’s family.

The dates announced were only for Lisbon and Porto, with the first taking place on January 23rd and the second being January 31st.

Those who bought tickets expected to see a show of “stories and memories of Ricardo Vilão’s influence”, but it was anything but that.

Rui Sinel de Cordes entered the stage with a drink and, as the show progressed, “he began to feel touched”, according to a spectator, quoted by SIC News.

From then on, the comedian “took control of the show, without following the line-up” and without letting his colleagues, Salvador Martinha and Luís Franco-Bastos, speak. He even fell on stage, which left his colleagues and the audience embarrassed by the moment.

And that’s when tempers flared… A woman, sitting in the front rows, shouted “something like: ‘Rui, let them talk'”.

Rui Sinel de Cordes did not react well to the request and used insults and shouts to address the spectator. Between “shut up” with several nonsense in between, “you should die of cancer” and “you’re ordinary”, the woman left the room, “ashamed and embarrassed”.

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Behind, followed many others who felt “deep repulsion” and “other people’s shame”.

“These were public insults, insults, defamation, completely gratuitous and the state of drunkenness, consumption or the fact that it was a tribute to a loved one who had recently died does not justify or mitigate it. It was very serious”, states the same viewer at SIC Notícias.

On Instagram, criticism of Rui Sinel de Cordes’ behavior soon emerged.

In a publication by the comedian, the woman who was allegedly insulted and humiliated wrote that “what he did yesterday was shameful and completely disrespectful towards the public, towards his colleagues on stage and, above all, towards Ricardo Vilão”.

“It wasn’t humor, it was a sad drunken outing. (…) All the threats I received and names I was freely called yesterday, I regret them, but I’m open to them being clarified”, said the spectator, Ana Filipa Penalva, having thanked Salvador Martinha and Luís Franco-Bastos “for what they managed to provide”.

Criticism continued, with people saying that “honoring someone implies respect, something that unfortunately I didn’t see yesterday and not even an apology to the public who watched and paid”, “what a shame what happened yesterday on the Tivoli stage “, “congratulations to Salvador Martinha and Luís Franco-Bastos, you are great, you managed to handle the shame of others that we all feel”.

However, Rui Sinel de Cordes’ agency has already publicly reacted to what happened and announced the cancellation of the Porto show.

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