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Dynamics of the week have news with Curinga Power

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Dynamics of the week have news with Curinga Power

A new week begins at BBB 24

Tadeus Smith explained, on the night of this Thursday, the 15th, what the dynamics of the week will be like in BBB 24 (Globe). This week, participants will have the opportunity to purchase the Wildcard Power, which will provide immunity.

Tadeus Schmidt

Photo: Reproduction/ TV Globo / Márcia Piovesan

Today, the eighth Leader Test takes place. The winner will have the right to two vetoes for the next week. On Friday, the 16th, Poder Curinga and the dynamic “Lose and Win” premiere. Giovanna Limadespite having your foot immobilized, you will be able to participate in the dynamics.

Whoever buys power will have immunity from the next Paredão. Na Mira do Líder also takes place tomorrow night, when three people are pre-nominated by the leader, at risk of being put in the spotlight.

Next Saturday, the 17th, another Angel Test will take place, immunizing the winner, who will be able to nominate one person. On Sunday, the 18th, another Triple Wall will be formed.

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