Home World Effect “Spare”: the future King William and his wife Kate collapse in the polls. And the Sussexes will be barred from the coronation

Effect “Spare”: the future King William and his wife Kate collapse in the polls. And the Sussexes will be barred from the coronation

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Effect “Spare”: the future King William and his wife Kate collapse in the polls.  And the Sussexes will be barred from the coronation

Despite the fair play shown in official appearances (and Kate’s digs at her brother-in-law) Harry’s memoir-bomb has managed to scratch the image of the future sovereigns of England. This was revealed by the «Telegraph»: for the first time in the polls the popularity of William and the always-smiling Kate has dropped. It is not a question of a collapse, of course, but of a small earthquake of consensus which should not be overlooked.

Although the couple has no intention of “giving satisfaction” to the Duke of Sussex, therefore, an Ipsos research reveals that Harry’s tome has managed to scratch their popularity: William has lost 8 points of consensus, and his wife, the “super-perfect” Kate, 7.

King Charles, on the other hand, after the release of «Spare» lost only 3 points of approval, and today it is evaluated favorably by 51% of the British. While the queen consort Camilla, painted in the memorial as the “evil stepmother”, remains firm with 38% of votes in favor of her.

But the brand of the monarchy remains firm
The data that matters most, however, is that relating to the general public liking for the monarchy. That despite the repeated beatings of the Sussex – first with the Netflix docuseries Harry & Meghan, then with the memoir-bomb and the new interviews on TV – continues to enjoy good health: 53% of subjects are in favor of the Crown, with a drop of just 1 percentage point.

Harry and Meghan banned from coronation
Another thing is certain (and it was announced today by the English tabloids): if Harry and Meghan want to attend the coronation ceremony of King Charles III they will have to do it as “common people” because they will not be invited by Buckingham Palace. On the morning of 6 May, the King and Queen will travel from the Royal Palace to Westminster Abbey on the “Gold State coach”, the recently restored gilded carriage which is unsheathed from the Palace only for special occasions. During the religious ceremony Charles and Camilla will both be crowned. A second procession will bring the sovereigns back to the Palace where, as per tradition, they will look out from the balcony to greet the crowd. But who will be there with Carlo and Camilla? The usual sources let it be known that only active members of the family will have the guaranteed place, while the former prince Harry and Meghan Markle and even Prince Andrew will be excluded from this privilege. The Dukes of Sussex could attend as spectators if they wished. But they will have no official role in the ceremony. According to many royal watchers, however, after the release of Harry’s book, they won’t be seen in London for a long time.

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May 7 will be a party in London
May 7 will be the day of celebration. The scene will move from London to Windsor Castle where a great concert-show will be held. Alongside international stars, such as Ed Sheeran, Brian May, Rod Stewart (but the names have not yet been confirmed), there will be a large inclusive choir made up of members of the national health system, the LGBTQ community and some refugees. A virtual choir from each Commonwealth country will be added. Great actors and artists who will play on stage will also participate. From Windsor will start a show of lights, lasers and drones, which will be projected on buildings across the country. Street parties and outdoor picnics will be organized during the day.

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