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evacuated houses and suspended trains

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evacuated houses and suspended trains

Tokyo, August 14, 2023 – The Typhoon Lan hit Japan, heavy rains and storm surges hit the Pacific coast. The storm arrived a day early, the authorities declared the alert for possible landslides and floods. In the last few hours, Lan was 260 kilometers southeast of Cape Shionomisaki on the Kii Peninsula, with gusts up to 198 km/h.

Late yesterday morning, a municipality in the Wakayama region began inviting the elderly and frail people to evacuate their homes by going to special public shelters. The phenomenon should intensify during the day, also affecting the rest of the country. Some public transport services – including some ‘Shinkansen’, fast trains – will be canceled, particularly in the surrounding regions Osaka e Nagoya on the island of Honshu. Inconvenience announced for the many Japanese who in these days traditionally enjoy the ‘obon’ holidays moving from one city to another in the country.

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