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Evelyn Burdecki makes ProSieben presenter Elton despair

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Evelyn Burdecki makes ProSieben presenter Elton despair

Evelyn Burdecki gives her best in the game against Matthias SteinerRTL / BRAINPOOL / Julia Feldhagen


“Mirror, mirror on the wall, who’s the best in the land?” If you believe showmaster Elton, the answer to this question since Saturday evening has been: Mimi Kraus.

In the season finale of “Schag den Besten”, the ex-handball professional scored a ninth after eight wins in the final game and thus won the show and a total of 180,000 euros.

“Schlag den Besten”: This is how the final show went on RTL

Until then, however, things got exciting again. Because: In the final game of the fourth season, world champion Kraus met the Olympic weightlifting champion Matthias Steiner.

Two athletes in the final game: handball player Mimi Kraus and weightlifter Matthias Steiner next to presenter EltonRTL / BRAINPOOL / Julia Feldhagen

Almost equally quick at answering questions and almost equally good at throwing and counting, the two fought head-to-head.

Only because he was a tenth of a second faster here and there in the brain teasers and was therefore allowed to start in games did Kraus ultimately win the athletes’ competition.

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Frank Buschmann calls moderator Elton to order

For one person in particular, this sporty, focused last part of the show was like balm for the soul: commentator Frank “Buschi” Buschmann.

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Until then, he had a lot of trouble in the show to focus on the game. The reason: Reality star Evelyn Burdecki was among the celebrity candidates. In the very first game, Steiner chose her as his opponent when it came to maneuvering toothbrushes on a baseball cap into glasses.

Matthias Steiner didn’t bite his teeth into game one, he was able to win against Evelyn BurdeckiRTL / BRAINPOOL / Julia Feldhagen

And before the game had even started, clumsy Burdecki smashed the first brush and cup onto the floor. “Sorry, I didn’t touch anything!” she insisted.

When, after the tumult, she struggled to understand the rules and shouted loudly: “How is that supposed to work?”, Buschi had enough and made a clear announcement that was aimed at showmaster Elton:

“Elton! It’s about 10,000 euros. We’re not messing around here, it’s starting!”

Said and done. After Burdecki surprisingly won the first round, another call to order was necessary.

“What’s wrong with this woman?”asked the commentator in amazement, after Burdecki thought she had already won the whole game and was surprised that there should be two more rounds.

“Elton, please start the game!” Buschi shouted sternly, while Burdecki started to do concentration exercises. Luckily for him, Burdecki lost the next two rounds and had to move to the Loser’s Lounge.

Audiences want more from Evelyn Burdecki

However, she didn’t stay there for long, because Matthias Steiner decided to leave after four wins with 50,000 euros and only take part again if he had a chance at the final.

The audience therefore had the choice of which “loser” they wanted to see again and the overwhelming majority chose Burdecki. However, she was rather moderately enthusiastic about it. Game five was about rolling up a long cable as quickly as possible. Burdecki’s concern:

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“I’ve never trained my arms in my life. There’s not a single muscle in them.”

But it was enough to win against rapper Eko Fresh. And so it happened that Burdecki was only able to really get going in game six with the title “Songbeginning”.

Rapper Eko Fresh had a difficult time winding up a cablePhoto: RTL / BRAINPOOL / Julia Feldhagen

Her opponent: choreographer and model Jorge González. The actually simple task: recognize songs by their first second and say the title.

Elton despairs: Rules, who needs rules?

In fact, Burdecki didn’t do badly either. The only problem: Instead of buzzing and saying the title, after every buzzer she ran around the desk and sang the song she was looking for at the top of her lungs.

While commentator Buschi just watched the mini Burdecki show in silence, challenger González was having a great time.

This time it was presenter Elton who was blown away. After Burdecki simply didn’t want to say the title, even after a warning, and instead started singing, Elton finally announced after a vocal performance of “Oops, I Did It Again”:

“I’m sorry, dad is strict now!”

This time he didn’t want to give the candidate the point for the correctly recognized song. “Buschi, strengthen my back,” he demanded.

But the commentator made a completely unexpected announcement. “Put an end to the spectacle,” he pleaded and asked Elton to simply give Burdecki the point so that the round of games was finally over.

With two games won and 20,000 euros in his pocket, Burdecki finally decided to quit on his own. The reason: You don’t want to risk losing the money.

“The problem is, I was raised so sensibly in my life,” the blonde explained. Her father taught her to always put something aside. What remained until the end after her departure was a red lipstick kiss mark on presenter Elton’s cheek.

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