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Expert: Blinken’s speech on China policy is nothing new and missed opportunity | CCP | Biden administration | Chinese economy

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Expert: Blinken’s speech on China policy is nothing new and missed opportunity | CCP | Biden administration | Chinese economy

[The Epoch Times, May 27, 2022](The Epoch Times reporter Andrew Thornebrooke reported/compiled by Chen Ting) The latest China policy announced by the Biden administration has not been well received by defense and security experts. They criticized the government’s decision not to decouple from the Chinese economy, as well as choosing to announce those policies at an event hosted by a group linked to the CCP.

Others said it marked the failure of a longstanding U.S. effort to pull China into global markets.

Harvard researcher Edward Wong tweeted (Link) said: “Blinken’s speech on China essentially said that decades of diplomatic and economic engagement with China had failed to deter the Chinese Communist Party from a path of aggression. Now the United States will shape the ‘strategic environment’ to deter China. .”

U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken outlined his long-awaited China policy on Thursday (May 26), during which he repeatedly emphasized that the United States will not decouple from China economically. The emphasis could be on reassuring Beijing after China’s foreign ministry worked to launch a propaganda campaign earlier this week accusing the United States of trying to decouple from China.

In recent years, some in the U.S. Congress have increasingly advocated for decoupling, or cutting off or severely restricting certain economic ties, which they see as critical to preventing China from continuing to steal critical technology.

“We need to decouple our economy from China in strategic and important areas,” Senator Tom Cotton said in a recent interview with Fox. (Link)

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“We cannot rely on the Chinese regime to supply the commodities that feed us, protect us, and save lives. The CCP wants to replace us as the dominant force in the world,” he said.

“If Biden wants to take China seriously, he should decouple the supply line and kick the CCP out of our domestic market,” said Washington state congressional candidate Joe Kent.Link), “Instead, we let them control us financially and, if we can’t afford it, wage a war of daggers.”

Others criticized the Biden administration’s choice of the Asia Society as the venue to announce the policy. They argued that the association had some ties to the CCP, a choice that was inappropriate or controversial.

“Why do top Democrats like Blinken insist on choosing a CCP-friendly organization sponsored by the state-owned China Investment Corp ($1.2 trillion in assets under management) as a venue for major policy speeches? Yes. Hundreds of organizations deserve more State Department support,” Anders Corr, director of strategic risk analysis firm Corr Analytics, said in a tweet (Link) said.

Others denounced the Asia Society for continuing its relationship with Ning Gaoning, a Communist Party member who is currently a board member of the Asia Society and chairman of Sinochem Group, a Chinese state-owned company that, in 2020, It was placed on a U.S. investment blacklist when the Trump administration determined it was backed by the Chinese military.

Reporter Chuck Ross tweeted (Link) said: “Blinken announced the government’s China policy at an event hosted by the Asia Society this morning. The Asia Society is a soft-on-China organization that has established dozens of Confucius Institutes. It also has a CCP member on its board.”

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However, there are also those who believe that the fact that the policy has been in place for 17 months and that the Biden administration is just using the opportunity to repeat what it has said without specifically coming up with new initiatives or ideas makes them uncomfortable about it. Too angry or disappointed.

“Today, in Blinken’s important speech on China, there was nothing new to say, a missed opportunity.” Derek Grossman, an Indo-Pacific analyst at the RAND Corporation in Washington, D.C., tweeted. Special said. (Link

The Epoch Times has reached out to the Asia Society and the State Department for comment.

Responsible editor: Ye Ziwei#

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