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Feared chronic illness would spoil

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Feared chronic illness would spoil

TV and radio presenter Silje Nordnes (39) entered “Kompani Lauritzen” and Bømoen camp with several layers of excitement. Among them was about her chronic illness.

In 2010, she was diagnosed with Morbus Crohn, an inflammatory stomach and intestinal disease that can attack the digestive tract.

She takes medication to keep it at bay, but the “Maskorama” presenter was still curious as to whether the illness would affect her stay.

– It is a disease that can be triggered a little by stress and such. But I had a conversation with a doctor beforehand, who thought it was going to be just fine, she says to TV 2.

CELEBRITY RECRUITS: Mona Berntsen and Silje Nordnes in “Kompani Lauritzen”. Photo: Matti Bernitz / TV 2

Nordnes was particularly concerned about the eating routines in Dag Otto Lauritzen’s company. In previous seasons, participants have had to manage almost entirely without food.

Fortunately for Nordnes, the changes in eating habits did not become a problem.

– I had no problems with it. It turned out that I can probably withstand more than I thought, and that my fears were unfounded. There was so much else to worry about, she says, laughing.

– But it went very well.

The “Kompanie Lauritzen” production was informed about the illness, but did not make any extra arrangements for her. She is very happy about that.

– It meant that I was able to test what my body is capable of and what I can tolerate, and then I have been able to prove that I can tolerate much more than I thought, says Silje Nordnes.

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NO PROBLEMS: Silje Nordnes’ chronic illness did not bother her during her stay at “Kompani Lauritzen”. Photo: Matti Bernitz / TV 2

«Kompani Lauritzen» premieres on TV 2 Direkte and TV 2 Play Saturday, March 2.

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