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FLASH 180 arrives for the holidays

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FLASH 180 arrives for the holidays

The offer can be activated from today until 28 December and includes 180 GB in 4G/4G+ and 5G to browse, call and send unlimited SMS for €9.99 per month, even for existing customers.

iliad FLASH 180: the special offer for Christmas

iliad announces the FLASH 180 mobile offer. Until December 28th at 10:00 am, users will be able to subscribe to the offer including 180 GB in 4G/4G+ and 5G to browse, call and send unlimited SMS for €9.99 per month.

The FLASH 180 offer is part of the wider one iliad Christmas campaign which places the value of FOREVER at the center, with which the operator guarantees its users that the tariffs will not undergo remodulations of any kind, much less linked to inflation.

How to activate: old and new customers

iliad users with an already active offer will be able to upgrade to the new FLASH 180 and thus increase their GB availability[2]. For everyone, the FLASH 180 offer can be activated online on iliad.it and in over 6,000 points of sale in the area including iliad Corner, iliad Point, iliad Express and iliad Space.

It’s really true, with iliad, Christmas is forever. Even after you take the tree down.

5G is available in areas covered by the iliad 5G network and on devices compatible with the iliad network. More info on coverage and devices on

Offer that can be activated for users who have already subscribed to one of the following offers: Voice Offer, iliad Offer at €5.99, Giga 40 Offer, Giga 50 Offer, Flash Offer 70, Giga 70 Offer, Giga 80 Offer, Flash 100 Offer, Giga Offer 100, Flash 100 5G Offer, Flash 100 Offer at €7.99, Flash 120 Offer at €7.99, Giga 120 Offer, Flash 120 Offer, Flash 130 Offer, Flash 150 Offer, Flash 160 Offer, Giga 150 Offer.

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