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for Venice the magic of Barbera shouldn’t be sufficient

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for Venice the magic of Barbera shouldn’t be sufficient

by ilovepalermocalcio.com – 57 seconds in the past

Palermo loses the primary motion of the semi-final of the playoff in opposition to Venezia, which makes the duty harder earlier than the return sport of Penzo. 0-1 (listed below are the report playing cards) in Barbera, decided by the genius of Pierini at the start of the second half, a blow that Rosanero couldn’t react to. Favorita’s magic shouldn’t be sufficient to ignite…

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Disclaimer – The publish with the title: «Palermo, the race to the ultimate is sophisticated: with Venice the magic of Barbera shouldn’t be sufficient appeared 57 seconds in the past within the on-line newspaper ilovepalermocalcio.com».

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