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Four children found alive in the Colombian forest have survived alone for 40 days after the plane crash

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Four children found alive in the Colombian forest have survived alone for 40 days after the plane crash

Per over a month they wandered in selva Colombian: quattro children alone in the Amazon forest, the only survivors of the plane crash on May 1st. Three people died in the crash of the Cessna 206 aircraft, including the madre. The little ones, of the Huitoto ethnic group, are four brothers aged 13, 9, 4 and eleven months. For 40 days they managed to survive inside the dense forest of the Guaviare, where they were found on Friday afternoon. Specialized elements of‘armyshows a video, they took the four children one by one in their arms and, with the help of a metal cable connected to a winch operated by the aircraft, they took them aboard a helicopter which stopped at a height of 60 meters above the treetops. Then by plane they were transferred to Bogota at 12:27 local time (6:27 Italian time): they are hospitalized in theMilitary hospital of the capital of Colombia, where they will continue i check medici and the process of hydration e diet.

The brothers – Lesly Jacobombaire Mucutuy aged 13, Soleiny Jacobombaire Mucutuy of 9, Road Ranoque Mucutuy of 4 and the little one Cristin Ranoque Mucutuy – I am “debilitated and it is necessary to wait for the evaluations of the doctors. The need to switch to a different diet” than that of the days spent “in the jungle could lead to complications” and it is also necessary to understand “how mental state the children are found,” explained the Colombian president Gustavo Petro, speaking of “a magical day”. The country’s newspapers define him as “a miracle“. Via Twitter the Colombian Ministry of Defense he expressed “eternal gratitude to our uniformed officers and indigenous communities”.

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In fact, the military never stopped believing that they could find the four children alive. After the Cessna crash, the bodies of the three adults had been found Hernando Murcia Morales (the pilot), Herman Mendoza Hernandez (the co-pilot) and his mother Magdalena Mucutuy Valencia. But in the vicinity of the plane had been noticed remains of fruit with traces of morsi. The Colombian Armed Forces have launched more than 100 survival kits (containing, among other things, water and food), in the Amazon region between the departments of Guaviare and Caquetá, with the aim of helping the four children. The search for the minors involved “nearly 150 special forces agents, trained search and trace dogs, indigenous people of the region and the father of the little ones”, with patrols by land, but also from the air. It still remains to be understood, however, how children are managed to survive on their own for so longalthough they belong to a indigenous group who lives in the region.

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