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Free water connection for every household in Banja Luka Info

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Free water connection for every household in Banja Luka  Info

Mayor Draško Stanivuković announced that a new decision is being prepared, which will make the water connection for every household completely free.

Source: Mondo – Slaven Petković

“This means that in the place where we are building a water supply system or where we will build it, the water connection for every house, household and family will be free of charge, and that is a saving of close to a thousand KM per family, which means a lot. We know this from experience, because we meet every day with that,” said the mayor.

As he points out, this will not be the only relief.

“Thousands of illegal connections that exist in the city, because our citizens were unable to pay for them, we are ready to go retroactively and pay for them,” he said.

In this year and in the next year, according to him, the plan is to build a water supply network worth over 30 million KM.

“That’s thousands and thousands of households that will get water, but also a free connection from their city. I’m happy that I can share this good news on World Water Day,” said the mayor.

In the coming period, there will be activities related to the preparation of the decision, and in all procedures, as he points out, fellow citizens will be informed in time.

“I am happy and proud that our Banja Luka is moving forward, and of course we are with it,” concluded Stanivuković.


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