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Gaciba analyzes controversies in Fluminense x Vasco and detonates the athletes’ stance

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Gaciba analyzes controversies in Fluminense x Vasco and detonates the athletes’ stance

Fluminense and Vasco drew 0-0, last Wednesday (14), at Maracanã, for the Campeonato Carioca. The classic was marked by arbitration controversies, and Leonardo Gaciba, former referee and current analyst of the role on the channels ESPNscrutinized all of Bruno Mota Correia’s decisions.

During SportsCenter, Gaciba stated that David’s offside was well marked and praised the referee’s stance in not changing his opinion when going to the VAR to analyze a possible penalty for Cruzmaltino for Cano’s handball after Payet’s free kick.

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“This is the disallowed goal. Following protocol, assistant referee number 2 called the offside on the field, which was confirmed by the video referee. It took him almost a minute to make the line. What happened in the play? The attacker has the feet in the defense field, but it is unbalanced. What counts is the player’s aerial or terrestrial part. The line was drawn on the shoulder and showed that he was ahead. It should not exceed 20 cm in relation to Fluminense’s penultimate defender. In other words, the field decision was confirmed. We have to trust in technology, even though I had a doubt. Why wasn’t this line made by camera 1? Maybe the video referee couldn’t catch the moment of the pass the player’s positioning. Using technology, the red line was in front of the blue, consequently the offside was marked. In England, it would be the same line, because they touched, and the goal would be validated.”

“In my opinion, Carlos Braga made a total mistake in calling Bruno to take a look, and Bruno’s personality was too great when observing the image. I remember that, historically, 15% of decisions are maintained after being called to the review area. It’s rare for referees to stick to their decision. From all the images I saw, I don’t agree with Vasco’s director (Mattos) that the ball would pass. From the images I observed, this ball wouldn’t pass. Cano has his arms in front of his face , it does not need to be close to, close to or far from the body. The point is to expand the body space. If he puts his arm next to his head, and the ball goes into the goal, the penalty would have to be called and the yellow card applied. In this case In this specific case, he raises his arms to protect his face. He would hit his chest or his own face, and the ball wouldn’t go through. I think the decision is correct not to award the penalty”, he added.

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‘It was stolen’: Vasco assistant, Emiliano Díaz RELEASES THE VERB after the classic against Fluminense

Fluminense and Vasco drew 0-0 in the Campeonato Carioca

Afterwards, Gaciba criticized the attitude of the players of both teams who, according to him, by trying to ‘deceive’ the referee Bruno Mota Correia helped to ‘heat up’ the match, increasing the number of cards applied by the owner of the whistle, generating the loss of disciplinary control.


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“Bruno is a very young referee, he is learning. To begin with, everything starts wrong in Rio de Janeiro. Referees need the club’s stamps to enter the field. The day the club starts to choose the referee who will referee the game, everything starts wrong. The players didn’t cooperate at all. Everyone was trying to take advantage, to deceive. He felt it. He started dropping the cards, the cards didn’t speak anymore, they didn’t send messages anymore, he lost disciplinary control. The move which leads to the two expulsions, André bumps into the Vasco player without the ball and he already had a yellow card. A bump with his shoulder that catches the chest of the Vasco player, who falls to the ground with his hand on his face. Who trust? This is a question that has to be asked of the Brazilian player. How much confidence do the referees have in the Brazilian player? Nobody cooperates, everyone wants to take advantage”, he said.

“The great truth is that a boy, a young, promising referee, lost control of his discipline when he didn’t have any kind of help from the clubs. The expulsions are a portrait of Brazilian football. The two players exchange slaps, shoves, the referee catches and presents two reds. It’s hilarious. The Vasco players holding the expelled Fluminense player so that he wouldn’t leave the field with the Vasco player. Until the reds, they were exchanging slaps and shoves. From the red, they joined to try to annul the expulsion. Please, right? More than 45 thousand people at Maracanã to watch football, not see what we saw in the second half. Here is my observation and constructive criticism.”

Bruno Mota Correia, referee of the classic between Fluminense x Vasco for the Campeonato Carioca Thiago Ribeiro/ Agif/Gazeta Press

The result complicates the life of Vasco in the Guanabara Cup. At placement, with 13 points, the Giant is 5 of the leader Flamengo. Gigante da Colina’s next match will be on Sunday (18), at 4pm (Brasília time), against Botafogo at the Nilton Santos Stadium.

Vasco’s next games:

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