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Gaza, Netanyahu orders the evacuation of civilians from the Rafah area: but there are almost 2 million displaced people. PNA: “It would be a new Nakba”

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Gaza, Netanyahu orders the evacuation of civilians from the Rafah area: but there are almost 2 million displaced people.  PNA: “It would be a new Nakba”

Lo most feared scenario is becoming reality: the Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu gave instruction toarmy to present a plan evacuation of the city of Rafah and elimination of the battalions of Hamas present in the area. The prime minister, after having refused the proposal of respitehad already announced the army’s advance towards the city in the far south of Gaza Strip, the last refuge for millions of people who have fled Israel’s bombs. An operation that also Him e Usa they criticized asking Tel Aviv to stop: Rafah is on the border with Egypt, it is the only city where civilians can still take refuge while in Khan Younis there is still fighting and the north of the Strip has been razed to the ground. It is estimated that 1.5 million Palestinians they crowded into the city after being Escaped from fighting. If the Israeli army advances, they will no longer have a place where to escape.

Also the Palestinian National Authority says he considers the prime minister’s words as “a real threat and a dangerous prelude to the implementation of the Israeli policy aimed at displace the Palestinian people from their land. The Palestinian people will not abandon their land and will not accept being forcibly displaced from their homeland. The time has come for everyone to assume their responsibilities when faced with the creation of another Nakba which will push the entire region into endless wars.” Amnesty International on of land is imminent.” With “catastrophic consequences” and “a disastrous impact on the entire humanitarian aid system in Gaza”.

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The Israeli prime minister’s office said that Benjamin Netanyahu put it in charge Defense Forces to prepare to evacuate Rafah. The goal is to be able to give the green light all’Idf per attack Hamas also in the area bordering Egypt. “It is not possible to achieve the war objectives of eliminating Hamas and at the same time leave 4 of its battalions in Rafah,” Netanyahu said, as reported by the Israeli Bureau. The prime minister then added: “On the other hand, it is clear that a massive operation in Rafah requires the evacuation of the civilian population from the combat zones.” We need – he explained to the army – a “double piano“: one for the elimination of the Hamas battalions, the other for the evacuation of the civilian population.

The announcement is worrying, however Cairo, so much so that local sources speak of new Egyptian security forces arriving at the Rafah crossing to protect the border. About 40 police vehicles and security forces moved from Al-Arish to Rafah to protect the border, raise the fence separating it from Gaza and reinforce it with barbed wire to prevent any attempt to cross the border. An official source in the North Sinai governorate, however, pointed out that the strengthening of security at the border has been continuous since October 7, with Egypt always saying it wants to reject any attempt to displace Palestinians in its territory.

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Only on Thursday States United they warned Israel that an operation in Rafah would be “a disaster” precisely because of the presence of Palestinian civilians who they have already escaped from the other areas of Gaza destroyed by fire from Tel Aviv. The attack of Hamas of October 7th does not give a Israel “the license for dehumanize others“, the US Secretary of State warned yesterday, Antony Blinken. Attempts continue to find a plan for a lasting ceasefire, but the road, according to the statements of representatives of the Israeli government, including Netanyahu, still seems long and tortuous. Only two days ago, the Israeli prime minister shot down the “three-phase” proposal put forward by Hamas, without giving space to a possible negotiation towards an agreement satisfactory for the parties. “The war will end only with the destruction of Hamas,” Netanyahu reiterated, announcing the advance towards Rafah.

Netanyahu’s words also alarmed theEgyptwho stated that any ground operation in the Rafah area or mass displacement across the border would undermine his 40 year peace treaty with Israel. The border between Gaza and Egypt, mostly closed, is also the main one entry point for the help humanitarian. Israel’s air and ground offensive, duration 4 months and triggered by the Hamas attack on October 7, killed over 27 thousand Palestinians and it turned most people away from their homes.

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