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Gemini begins to be available in more countries and Spain is among them

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Gemini begins to be available in more countries and Spain is among them

Gemini, the AI ​​model that replaces Bard, is now available for Android users in Spain (at least if you have a Google Pixel).

Gemini en Android.

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If you follow Andro4all regularly you probably already know that Google Bard is history thanks to Gemini. This new Google artificial intelligence model was presented at the beginning of the month as, again, a way to try to compete against ChatGPT from Mountain View. And, by the way, you can now try it completely free.

The rebranding of Bard has been gradually deployed during the last few days, with the United States as the first territory where it was available and then moved on to other countries. This deployment continues on its path, for now, without incident, although it is true that some markets have not yet received it… but the Spanish one has.

Gemini is now available in Asia and Europe… and also in Spain

Jack Krawczyk, head of Gemini development, said a few days ago that the deployment would reach Africa, Asia and the Pacific, Latin America and North America, but It seems that that order has been disrupted being also available in part of Europe. In the tests that we have been able to carry out we have managed to make it work, so Spain already has access to Gemini (at least via Pixel phones).

In accordance with information collected by SAMMobilehay information from Asian and European users which claim to be able to access Gemini through your Android phone. Europe did not seem to be among Google’s priorities, but it seems that the company is working hard to accelerate the deployment of its chatbot.

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For the rest, according to the media, it seems that Google is planning to replace Google Assistant with Gemini. For now the chatbot is not as capable as the voice assistant, but Big G herself commented that she is working tirelessly to overcome these deficiencies as soon as possible.

For now, it is worth remembering that Gemini is more capable than Bard when it comes to understand natural language and conversations. Additionally, you are more aware of the context of conversations and can remember it for future interactions.

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