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Details Written by RG Aired: 13 February 2024 Views: 23095

Jakarta – Central KPI member, Aliyah, reminded all broadcasting institutions to pay attention to the rules of the game on the D day or on voting and vote counting day (14 February 2024). One of the things he emphasized was that the broadcast of the quick count results could only be broadcast at 15.00 WIB (West Indonesian Time) or 2 hours after the polling station (TPS) closed at 13.00 WIB.

This is in accordance with Article 449 of Law Number 7 of 2017 concerning General Elections and Article 19 of KPU Regulation Number 9 of 2022 concerning Community Participation in General Elections.

“So after two hours the last polling station in the Western Indonesia region was closed, the quick count broadcast could only be broadcast. “Before that or during the voting and counting time, broadcasting institutions are prohibited from broadcasting quick count results from any survey institution,” said Aliyah, Tuesday (13/2/2024).

According to the Commissioner for Central KPI Broadcast Content Supervision, the announcement of the quick count results is regulated so that the voting process and also the ongoing vote counting are not disrupted.

“This rule is to ensure that people’s choices are not influenced and intimidated by the quick count results that circulate during the voting process and while the vote counting is in progress. “We have to keep the atmosphere conducive, safe and calm,” added Aliyah.

On this occasion, Aliyah said that KPI (Central KPI and KPID) would carry out the broadcast monitoring process on the day of the event to its maximum potential. All broadcast monitoring devices at the Central KPI are in good condition. “So, if we find a violation of this rule, we will take action as quickly as possible,” he stressed.

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Supervision of Broadcast Programs on Election Day and Vote Counting is regulated in Article 10 of KPI Regulation (PKPI) Number 4 of 2023 concerning Supervision of Election Campaign Reporting, Broadcasting and Advertisements at Broadcasting Institutions to ensure that Broadcast Programs:

1. do not broadcast opinion polls regarding Candidate Pairs and/or Election Contestants, throughout the voting period;

2. broadcasting estimates of the results of the quick count. Elections may only be carried out no sooner than 2 (two) hours after the completion of voting in western Indonesia;

3. include or state that the results of the quick count conducted by the survey institution are not the official results of the Election Organizers; and/or

4. broadcast a quick count of election results and election vote counting from survey institutions registered with the General Election Commission. ***

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