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Geopolitics: 4 podcasts to understand international news

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Geopolitics: 4 podcasts to understand international news

Are you passionate about the political implications of geography? You also like relevant and nuanced analyzes which, via geopolitics, decipher international news? Also, the issues and the global repercussions of a current event? Whether it is a diplomatic incident, an election, a conflict, a coup d’état, here is a non-exhaustive list of radio programs that allows you to go beyond the news. Also available as a podcast, these shows might interest you!

« Geopolitics” by France Inter

Pierre Haski is the current President of Reporters Without Borders (RSF). He is also a former correspondent in South Africa, the Middle East and China for several media outlets includingFrance Media Agency (AFP). Every day, in the morning France Inter, he gives his take on international news. Pierre Haski dissects the current topical issue of the moment. Thus, the columnist provides the keys to better understand the ins and outs. His enlightened analyzes also draw on historical facts capable of contributing to the understanding of the subject.

Logo France Inter/ Crédit : Radio France – Yuma Paris via WikiCommons

« The international editorial » of Europe 1

Logo Europe 1 / Crédit: European Radio and Television AG via WikiCommons

In his editorial, Vincent Hervouët analyzes, with irony, international news. It thus underlines the complexity of international relations. In turn, the columnist denounces the hypocrisy of certain world powers. It also reveals the underside of events that are shaking up the world. Ultimately, the columnist highlights the elements that allow us to better understand them.

« The world in questions” by RFI

On RFI, Bruno Daroux contextualizes the news here
and elsewhere / Credit: RFI

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Every Friday evening, Bruno Daroux attempts to find answers to the questions raised by a major event in international news. This column sheds light on what is hidden behind the news here and elsewhere. Contextualizing news by putting it into perspective seems necessary. Understanding how interests make and break alliances in the world is equally important.

« The world that moves” by BFM Business

Logo BFM Business / Credit: Altice Média via WikiCommons

On BFM Business, Benaouda Abdeddaïm points out the correlations between economic issues and geopolitical issues in international news. The columnist also puts the different points of view into perspective. But, also various sources. It also explains the strategies and economic interests that underlie international relations.

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